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Movie review: ‘Locked Down’ is a great play, until it adds subplots and cameos. | Movies/TV – New Orleans, Louisiana

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“Lockdown” isn’t the first movie set up during the COVID-19 pandemic, and HBO Max Streaming Limited isn’t the last of its kind.

It’s hard to imagine that the film will be lovingly remembered when the world returns to “normal” in that unknown future.

“Lockdown,” premiered on Thursday, is the latest pandemic-based drama. Director Doug Liman reportedly shot a movie in London in 18 days in the early days of the blockade. Logline promises robbery, but “Lockdown” is a related drama that weakens with each subplot and cameo.

Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor star as Linda and Paxton, who have been fed up with each other since Christmas 2019, respectively. Tensions increase when the pandemic begins, and every terrible day. Paxton is temporarily dismissed from his job as a delivery driver. Linda, a successful CEO, must dismiss her subordinates through a zoom meeting. When the conversation turns into a “confessional avalanche” that implies a “good old days,” the couple is emotionally exhausted.

This relationship puts the movie together. Hathaway has a confession about why she starts smoking again, and that’s the best performance she’s done over the years. Ejiofor makes it easy to land Paxton’s self-deprecation. Paxton cheerfully points out new / ridiculous ordinary things as much as he hates himself, and asks customers hoarding toilet paper, “How many a ** es do you have? I ask.

Credit writer Steven Knight (“Rock”, “Dirty Pretty Things”) had a memorable conversation. For the first hour, “Lockdown” is Relationship Theater 101. If you have these two actors, all you have to do is focus on their character and the secrets / problems that will be revealed during the forced pause.

Instead, “lockdown” brings a parade of distractions. Linda had an affair with a woman. Paxton was put in jail 10 years ago. There are also hedgehogs, poetry readings, and opium plants. There is an embarrassingly written hint that Linda’s boss will work with Donald Trump.

The left turn continues to appear from Ben Stiller (why?) And Ben Kingsley (greatness). 90 minutes later, a robber arrived and was thrown as casually as Mindy Kaling’s overly concise cameo (oh hey!).

In all these aspects, you can feel Knight wanting to return to the heart of the film — the past, present, and future of Linda and Paxton. It is the movie that accompanies the two plays that robs the luxury department stores during the pandemic. The former is a $ 100 million action movie. The latter has compulsory tension in scenes, such as when Paxton suddenly glances at a little Christmas decoration while his longtime partner is trying to explain where everything went wrong. Why mix the two?

Inevitably, “Lockdown” is not the first drama to deal with our response to a pandemic. Looking back on the movies of the COVID era during its “normal” future, due to its frustrating lack of focus, “lockdown” is also not the first drama we discuss.



starring: Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor

directed by: Doug Liman

Execution time: 1 hour 58 minutes

MPAA Rating: R (Restricted) Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Why is the rating R of this movie? About the whole language and some drug ingredients

Great (****), good (***), normal (**), bad

Movie review: ‘Locked Down’ is a great play, until it adds subplots and cameos. | Movies/TV Source link Movie review: ‘Locked Down’ is a great play, until it adds subplots and cameos. | Movies/TV

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