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Moving on up: Bistro Byronz relocates to new digs, bringing same great dishes and atmosphere | Food/Restaurants – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-26 10:30:00 –

Years of mid-city eateries brought everything when the Bistro Byrons moved a few blocks. Then enhanced the game.

The restaurant’s new bargain at the former White Star Market has many of the same menus, the same friendly atmosphere, and the same decorations.

Today, the restaurant, inspired by bistro in the neighborhoods of France and New York, also offers cafe-style outdoor seating.

Emily Alton, CEO of the Byrons Restaurant Family, said: “The idea was to keep the core of what works from the original bistro, while adjusting the design and experience to the mood of the true neighborhood bistro.”

The restaurant began in the 1980s when it opened as a Byron’s sandwich shop near Baton Rouge Magnet High School. In 2005, Bistro Byronz reopened as a family restaurant in the neighborhood, just down the street. There are also Willow Grove and Mandeville locations for Bistro Byrons and Pizza Byrons.

Walk through the new Midcity location of Bistro Byrons on Square 46.Staff video by Robin Miller

Today, Bistro has taken over the White Star Market Space, which was closed in early 2020.

“We’ve always wanted to be part of Midcity. This is the third location on Government Street,” says Alton. “It’s like moving from our first home to the next and moving up.”

The menu remains pretty much the same, including Diner’s favorite pot roast creole, which combines petit tender pot roast with homemade green beans, garlic mashed potatoes, and creole gravy.

This is a pretty good summary of Bistro Byronz’s experience. This is a delicious dish that is a quick cook of a comfortable dish.

“It’s all about food and decoration that are friendly and comfortable,” Alton said. “And I think our food is comfort food, but it’s a kind of tasteful comfort food.”

New to the menu is Poisson Crevette.

“The Poisson Clevet is one of the new items we brought back,” says Alton. “Poisson is French for fish and Klebet is French for shrimp. It’s a drum sprinkled with panco on rice with shrimp and Cajang cream sauce.”

The popular bistro salad combines spinach, strawberries, feta cheese, candied pecan nuts, and pepper jelly vinaigrette to adjust Bistro Salad 2.0 and rename it. Cold or hot chicken, tuna, shrimp and steak can be added for an additional fee.

Randy Mast couldn’t find the chicken wings sauce his wife had longed for, so he decided to make it himself.

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The bar serves specialty cocktails such as Bistro Byrons Vodka Freeze, and Angelic Chocolate Pekanpai is a new dessert.

“Our chef John Lundin has a family recipe from his grandmother called Angel,” Alton said. “So we have it in the menu.”

For the new location, Alton said the timing was right.

“When the original building was designed in 2015, the owners of Square 46 (White Star) told us about bringing the concept to their place. At that time, it wasn’t our choice. was.”

“It was in time,” Alton said after the closure of White Star, a luxury food court with a variety of vendors.

Alton said he couldn’t imagine what the restaurant would look like, but his father, Chief Officer of Byrons, Mike Cantrow.

“My dad could see it every time we went into one of these projects,” Alton said. “He and the architects, Hoffpauir Studios, Faulk and Meek Contractors, made it happen. My dad stood over the architect’s shoulder and said,” Put a wall here and build here. ” They realized the design together. They were a great team to work with. “

Part of what made the industrial space feel like Byrons was to install subway tiles and pressed tin ceilings, as they used to be.

And there is food. The restaurant procures ingredients locally and works closely with chef John Folse to incorporate his products into the cuisine.

“John actually came to our test run before we opened, and I told Facebook,” If you know, Chef Fors approves, we can go. I made a small post saying, “I think,” Alton said. “And he sent me a text message last night and said,” You know, people ask me where the best burgers in town are? I ask them to go to Bistro Byrons say.” “”

To get a gourmet hot dog at Frankie’s Dawg House, you have to go down a path that doesn’t move much.

So, whether it’s a burger or a Poisson crevet, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste.

“We can bring in a lot of people and find what everyone wants,” Alton said. “We see that people come multiple times a week because they can have different things. We try to keep the menu wide enough and stay in the veins of bistro dishes with a southern twist. I am. “

But food isn’t the only thing that attracts people.

“There were some preview events before the store opened, and one of the regulars walked down the door and said,’Oh, I feel like I’m home,'” Alton said. “And I said,’OK, I did it.’ And that was the goal. Finding fresh new elements while feeling like you’re stepping into Bistro Byronz.”

Moving on up: Bistro Byronz relocates to new digs, bringing same great dishes and atmosphere | Food/Restaurants Source link Moving on up: Bistro Byronz relocates to new digs, bringing same great dishes and atmosphere | Food/Restaurants

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