Mpls. City Council committee approves nomination of Barret Lane to head emergency management

2022-06-22 17:47:52 –

On Wednesday, the Minneapolis City Council committee unanimously voted to approve Barrett Lane’s nomination as the city’s head of emergency management.

Lane was first nominated to play that role in 2012. In May, Mayor Jacob Frey appointed him to serve a four-year term to lead the city’s department of disaster planning, training, and response coordination. His position has a salary of $ 137,000 to $ 162,000.

In his letter of recommendation, Frey described Lane as an active leader dedicated to the safety of the city of Minneapolis. “We are at the forefront of our preparatory plans in Minnesota and have been working to instill a culture of excellence in his team,” Frey said.

According to two recent follow-up reports, the city’s and state’s response to the anxieties following George Floyd’s murder could have been better with more planning and communication. Law enforcement officials are having a hard time telling and deciding who is responsible as looting and arson spread throughout the city, according to a review conducted by Maryland-based risk management firm Hillard Heintzecq / ec and Wilder Research. I did. They also found that police made inconsistent decisions about when to use controversial non-lethal weapons, which could fuel tensions in communities already traumatized.

The bitter report forced the two agencies to work together to update and coordinate the emergency plan. According to city officials, Lane has coordinated the city’s response to post-review of anxiety.

At a hearing on Wednesday, councilor Elliott Payne asked questions about Floyd’s murder accountability, subsequent anxiety, and the role the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) played in responding to these incidents. No civilian has registered to speak at the hearing.

“Is the problem I always have with the OEM’s role in preparing the plan? [Or] What is the OEM’s role in carrying out that plan? “Pain asked. It was very obvious, there was a collapse of leadership, multiple players, multiple responsibilities throughout the city. “

Mr Lane said the city leadership had been working on the question before the post-report, and many wanted to know what had happened, and his department did what they had to do, but “I We were simply not involved. “

“The police have decided to do this themselves, and there is nothing we can do to invalidate that decision,” Lane said. “Looking back, it obviously didn’t work.”

To improve the city’s public safety coordination following the killing of Floyd, the mayor proposed establishing a community safety bureau for voters in the new government structure approved in November. Its offices include 911, Fire, Police, Emergency Management, and Neighborhood Safety (a department that also includes the Violence Prevention Department, which is currently in the City Health Department).

In particular, full integration of these systems will help resolve the “disconnection between incident commands and incident coordination as seen in 2020,” Lane said.

Council member La Trisha Vetaw, chairman of the Council’s Public Health and Safety Commission, stepped up to his next term in difficult times and took leadership following the follow-up report. Thank you.

“It’s a tough time. It’s a difficult conversation,” Wethau said. “But you want to step up again and work to make things better.”

The entire city council will vote on the appointment of Lane on June 30th.

Mpls. City Council committee approves nomination of Barret Lane to head emergency management Source link Mpls. City Council committee approves nomination of Barret Lane to head emergency management

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