Mpls. council postpones nomination of Lane as city’s emergency director

2022-06-30 16:30:44 –

On Thursday, the Minneapolis City Council postponed the mayor’s appointment of Barrett Lane and continued to lead the city’s emergency department, following discussions on who would be held responsible if the entire system failed.

It is unclear whether the council has the seven votes needed to approve the nomination, and some have expressed opposition. Voting has been postponed until July 21st.

According to two recent follow-up reports, the city’s and state’s response to the anxieties following George Floyd’s murder could have been better with more planning and communication. The review revealed that law enforcement officials had a hard time deciding who was responsible as looting and arson spread throughout the city.

“We haven’t been operating according to best practices yet and needed more initiative to resolve this,” said Councilor Andrew Johnson, who opposes Lane’s nomination. “In emergencies, it is important to follow the rules and follow a series of orders, but outside of emergencies, department heads need to take leadership and raise awareness of these issues.

and Hearing last weekLane argued that the Danish Emergency Management Agency was not the first responder and his department did what they were supposed to do, but “we were simply not engaged.”

“The police have decided to do this themselves, and there is nothing we can do to invalidate that decision,” Lane said.

Some council members scrambled to fill those gaps as Lane was unable to communicate effectively with the general public and even with the city’s entire leaders, and parts of the city were burned down. Insisted that he continued.

Meanwhile, his supporters of the council say it is unfair to blame Lane when the issues raised in the ex post facto are systematic.

Councilor Lisa Goodman described Lane as “a trusted, tested, and national leader in emergency response.” She said Lane has led the city through many turbulent events, including tornadoes in northern Minneapolis, the collapse of the I-35W Bridge, and a pandemic.

“We are really afraid that scapegoat individuals are the place to lead us on a very sad path because of collective systemic disability,” Goodman said.

The mayor reappointed Lane in May and sought to serve a four-year term as the city’s head of emergency management. This department is responsible for disaster planning, training, and response coordination. He has been in that position since 2012. This position has a salary of $ 137,000 to $ 162,000.

At a meeting on Thursday, Frey urged Congress to read a follow-up report on the response to the riots before making a final decision, saying that the discovery of the broken system was “not all.” [Lane], And in many cases he has nothing to do with him. “

Mpls. council postpones nomination of Lane as city’s emergency director Source link Mpls. council postpones nomination of Lane as city’s emergency director

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