Mpls. council president files ethics complaint over chief’s news conference

2021-10-28 17:28:51 –

Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender said Thursday that public criticism of police chief Medaria Arradondo for amending the police charter appears to violate the city’s ethical rules.

Bender said in a statement that he had filed ethical complaints against both Aradondo and Mayor Jacob Frey.

“we, October 27 (Wednesday) Press Event — Including the role of the Mayor of Minneapolis in directing or planning an event — The mayor uses city resources such as city officials, city logos, and support for MPD uniforms at a press conference with a clear focus on taking up positions. If it looks like you did, about the ballot question. “

She said the event believed it violated the MPD policy on uniformed campaigns and the next section of the city’s Code of Ethics. , City seals or other city resources for engaging in political activities. “

The complaint was that the day after Aradondo stood in full uniform against the background of the department logo, the proponents of the proposal never made a concrete plan to deal with the increase in gun violence. Stated.

At this point, he said, “Frankly, I would paint on the napkin.”

Bender is a strong supporter of the police charter amendment, confronting her with the chief.

The vendor also pushed back that claim, saying the chief “seriously misunderstood the years of work spent developing plans for better and more effective public security.”

In her statement, she states that the city’s senior staff, “mainly color staff,” have been working for years to evaluate the city’s public security system and provide recommendations. rice field. “Prime Minister Aradondo knows this because MPD has been involved for a long time,” she said.

Some of his strongest remarks about the city’s proposal to pave the way for a new public security agency have sparked enthusiasm in both local politics and social media. The chief violated ethical rules prohibiting city officials from participating in partisan campaigns.

Early voting for the proposal has already begun and the election day is Tuesday.

Yes 4 Minneapolis, the political committee that produced the proposal, issued a statement on Wednesday critical of the MPD and the city’s approach to public security.

“Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo is campaigning in uniform, clearly inconsistent with the policy he wrote last year. This is a number of examples revealed at today’s press conference. Why is the people of Minneapolis safe and accountable and transparent with those who are in need of protection and service? “

City ethics officer Susan Trammel needs to warn civil servants elected earlier this year not to use government resources to support or oppose proposals made before voters this fall. Publicly warned that there was.

“It has long been understood that Minnesota cannot use public funds to promote one side of ballot questions seeking specific outcomes in elections,” she wrote in a May memo. ..

This story is under development and will be updated.

Staff writer Susan Du contributed to this report.

Mpls. council president files ethics complaint over chief’s news conference Source link Mpls. council president files ethics complaint over chief’s news conference

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