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Mirrored, Nevada (KMTV) — When driving at Buell Stadium in Mirrored, there’s a new addition on the back of the scoreboard that you can’t miss.

The addition is a mural of “Youth Victory”.

“This is a mirrored. You can’t find it anywhere else,” said MPS director Jim Satfin. “This is ours.”

“The Buel Stadium is like the front door of our district and I’m very proud of what our home looks like,” said Lindapur, president of the MPS Board of Education. rice field.

On Monday morning, students, MPS members, and members of the Millard community gathered to celebrate the completion of the project they have been working on for the last few years.

“If you don’t stop, you can still see beautiful things, which is great, but if you stop and are interested, much more will be revealed in response to your curiosity,” said the mural painter. Watty White said. ..

White is the artist behind the masterpiece. He is a local artist participating in three other MPS art projects.

What makes these projects special is that many people in the community are involved in the project and gather all the perspectives on what shaped Millard into today’s community. Say that.

“There are 50 people trying to get away from it. Probably about 100 people, it feels like the bills are in it, and the ideas are there,” says White. “They saw something they said they heard and recorded, and now it’s been recorded for a long time.”

This not only helped brainstorm how to tell a story in a single image, but also includes the help of current students, which is also included in the image itself.

“It’s really cool because I’m riding it, my friends are riding it, and it’ll be here forever,” said Mirrored North student Sammy Ward. “I really like it, it’s cool.”

“Every time he listened to us, he listened to what we meant and really wanted us to be involved. We are Millard people, students. It made a lot of sense because I was a graduate of Millard, “said Aiden Lewald, a student at Millard North. “This is our district. This is our home.”

A 33-foot-wide, 25-foot-high mural tells multiple stories of the community’s past, present, and future.

“When you think you’ve seen everything there, there’s more that wasn’t meant to appear too early, so you should probably keep looking,” White said.

This project was privately funded by the Millard Public Schools Foundation, Penny & Frank Kowol, Addie & Robert Hollingsworth, the Nebraska Arts Council, and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.

According to MPS, murals are the most visible public art in Mirrored.

MPS and Millard community collaborate on new mural Source link MPS and Millard community collaborate on new mural

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