Mr. Biden celebrates 100th anniversary of Tulsa race massacre | Tulsa race massacre

Joe Biden was planning to travel to Tulsa. OkurahomaTo commemorate the 100th anniversary of the racial slaughter, which targeted wealthy African Americans and their businesses on Tuesday and killed as many as 300 people.

After the president met the survivors of the slaughter and visited the Cultural Center, the White House announced a series of efforts to close the gap between racial rich and poor in the United States prior to the visit it was supposed to give a speech.

The administration has promised action to combat racism in housing and said it will use its purchasing power to direct an additional $ 100 billion to underprivileged small business owners.

The trip and new efforts will require three survivors of the slaughter (Viola Fletcher, Hughes van Ellis, and Lessy Evelyn Benningfield Randall) to compensate the survivors and their descendants in Congress. It took place two weeks after the testimony.

“I’m here for justice,” Fletcher told a subcommittee in the House of Representatives. “I am here asking my country to acknowledge what happened in Tulsa in 1921.”

On May 31st and June 1st of that year, white mobs raided the prosperous Greenwood district known as Black Wall Street.Estimated 300 People were killed, more were displaced, and parts of the city were burned.

Monday, Biden Marked We celebrated our anniversary by calling on Americans to “recommit” their efforts to address institutional racism.

“On this solemn 100th anniversary of Tulsa Race I call on the American people to reflect on the deep roots of racial terrorism in our country and re-engage in work to eradicate systematic racism across our country. ” Said.

The president said the federal government “has to consider and acknowledge the role it has played in depriving the black community of wealth and opportunity.”

Looking back on the lives and businesses lost in Tulsa in 1921, Biden said: Eliminate systematic racism from our laws, policies, and our hearts. “

On Tuesday morning, the administration also outlined how its American employment program would directly benefit colored communities.

The president’s proposed infrastructure package includes a $ 10 billion fund to support community-led infrastructure projects and a $ 15 billion grant program to strengthen transportation infrastructure.

Biden also created a neighborhood housing tax credit to help develop affordable homes and a $ 5 billion grant program to expand low- and middle-income American housing options. I am also looking for.

Finally, the president has indicated his intention to invest $ 31 billion to expand support for minority-owned SMEs.

However, it is unclear whether any of these initiatives will be the final infrastructure bill. The Senate Republican Party is proposing a $ 257 billion bill, far less than Biden’s $ 1.7 billion bill.

Proposals may be cut to gain Republican support. Biden will meet with Republican negotiating leader Shelley Moore Capito at the White House on Wednesday.

Mr. Biden celebrates 100th anniversary of Tulsa race massacre | Tulsa race massacre

Source link Mr. Biden celebrates 100th anniversary of Tulsa race massacre | Tulsa race massacre

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