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Summerhaven, Arizona (KGUN) — A year ago, a bighorn fire broke out across the Catalina Mountains and approaching the mountains. Lemon and summer haven.

The difference of the year Mountain Lemon General Store Owner Gray Carpenter.

After a short escape from the flames on June 17, last year, Carpenter recalled, “I’m just a little closer to my comfort.”

In mid-June, Carpenter decided to stay after the evacuation order was issued the day before.

Pat Paris

“My wife and son left home when the evacuation order was issued,” Carpenter said. “I was late, preferably to open my heart to the firefighters and take care of the people while they were here.”

But a day after helping those left behind, things changed dramatically.

“The eerie, red glowing black smoke was just scary,” Carpenter said. “We thought we would turn over and we wouldn’t come back. It seemed like the right time to escape.”

Carpenter decided to leave the general store. He stopped by the mountain. Lemon Fire Department.

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Immediately after leaving, he looked at the webcam above the fire station.

“There was a fire on the hillside just where I was parked,” Carpenter recalls. “Now, it’s a very famous image of burning around and around the fire station.”

After watching the live on the webcam, Carpenter says he made the right decision.

A week later, Wildland firefighters had to stop the Bighorn from igniting the Summer Haven from the opposite direction. They did, but Caprenter is still grateful.

Burn scars of a bighorn near the mountain.Lemon Fire Department

Pat Paris

It has been about one year since the fire was extinguished. Carpenter says his store has survived and is now prosperous.

“Business is great, business is great”

According to Carpenter, the business has already grown since it opened this spring. Mountain Lemon Hotel..

In addition, there is a constant stream of Tussonan trying to survive the heat and eat sweet treats.

Mountain Lemon General Shopkeeper Gray Carpenter

Pat Paris

“People love Fudge, and that’s why they come here,” Carpenter said. “We thank them for their business.”

Carpenter says he is also looking forward to the opening next spring. Mount Lemmon Lodge Directly across the road from the general store.

There are 16 guest rooms and a Beyond Bread cafe.

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