Mt. Lemmon Hotel gearing up to open amid setbacks – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-02-22 22:54:34 –

Summerhaven, Arizona — Mountain Lemmon Hotel is finishing up the upcoming hotel, allowing KGUN9 cameras to peek inside.

Ciara Encinas

“This process started in 2018. When we started talking about land acquisition, it started in earnest in March 2020,” said owner Justin Huffner.

Some cabins have already been completed and are fully equipped for a cozy vacation in cool weather.

Owner Justin Huffner said it all started with a dinner at the Somillan restaurant in Summer Haven.

“Someone came and asked if there was a place where they could stay overnight,” he explained.

Then he noticed that another person was asking the same question. At that time, he said the light bulb had gone out.

“I said I think I probably need it here, so I started investigating. The rest is history at this point,” he said.

Hotel development would not have been possible without some setbacks like the Bighorn Fire and pandemic.

“It was closed for about two months due to the fire and had to evacuate from the scene, but in reality, many workers had to fill the schedule with others, so it was more than two months. Much more months were delayed. Work, “he said.

According to Huffner, the April reservation is Hotel website.

Mt. Lemmon Hotel gearing up to open amid setbacks Source link Mt. Lemmon Hotel gearing up to open amid setbacks

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