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Much needed moisture returns to Southern Colorado on Wednesday – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2022-05-03 19:56:27 –

Tonight’s weather forecast:
The wind is strong tonight and it is expected that clouds will increase all night. Uneven and severe fire weather conditions continue to be a concern for the southern region of Highway 50 east of Las Animas, Otello and Crowley County from San Luis Valley. Fire alerts in these areas must be allowed to expire by 8 pm.

The plains need to stay dry all night, but as the storm approaches, snow spreads over the mountains until early Wednesday morning.

Colorado Springs Forecast: Low: 39; expensive: 57; Wednesdays are cool and unstable, with rain and thunderstorms in the afternoons and evenings. Rain can continue until late Wednesday night, before the dry air moves on Thursday morning.

Pueblo Forecast: Low: 43; expensive: 65; Dry sky with sun and clouds at the beginning of Wednesday. Showers and thunderstorms occur from mid-afternoon to late afternoon and can rain until late Wednesday night.

Canon City Forecast: low: 41; expensive: 64; As the latest storms pass through southern Colorado, showers and thunderstorms can occur from Wednesday afternoon to late Wednesday night.

Woodland Park Forecast: low: 32; expensive: 46; A chilly afternoon shower and an isolated thunderstorm in Teller County. During the day, snow can mix with the rain during heavy showers. In the evening, it is likely to turn into snow, which can cause several inches of snow on the surface of the lawn.

Trilakes Forecast: low: 30s; expensive: 40s / 50s; chilly highlands with areas of rain and thunderstorms on Wednesday afternoons and evenings. When cold air arrives late Wednesday night, rain and snow can mix, but accumulation is little or no expected.

Plain Prediction: low: 30 seconds / 40 seconds; expensive: 60 seconds / 70 seconds; cloudy, dry morning before restlessness by the afternoon. Showers and thunderstorms can occur by late Wednesday night in the plains of southern Colorado due to the movement of necessary water.

Forecast for Walsenberg and Trinidad: low: 30 seconds / 40 seconds; expensive: 50s / 60s; Clouds increase during the day on Wednesday, rain on Wednesday afternoons and Wednesday nights, and thunderstorms can occur.

Mountain Prediction: Low: 20s / 30s; expensive: 40s; Wednesday sees snow showers, gusts, and cold temperatures, thanks to the more dynamic areas of cyclones that cross the state. A total of up to 3 inches of light snow can occur in northern Sangres, and tomorrow’s total storms will occur primarily in the central and northern mountains.

Extended outlook forecast:
On Thursday, the forecast will reflect drier air, with sunshine throughout the region and temperatures expected to rise by 5-10 degrees Celsius. On Fridays and Saturdays, there will be a much larger warm-up as the dry downhill winds begin to intensify again in southern Colorado. The highlands warm up in the 80’s and 90’s east of the mountains, as the risk of fire can increase from Friday to the following Monday. Our hottest and windiest days look like Saturdays, but early next week it will be cooler and the gusts will be slightly weaker.

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Much needed moisture returns to Southern Colorado on Wednesday Source link Much needed moisture returns to Southern Colorado on Wednesday

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