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Mucho Gusto — Brunch at a Pizzeria – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free press) — How important is the name? I’ve heard of Walker’s restaurant “Gusto” just north of the 23rd, and its full name and building sign is Pizzeria Gusto. This is not the big picture, but it does show one area of ​​focus.

Specializes in Neapolitan pizza. Use extra-fine flour and a very hot oven to create a soft, chewy crust with a small char foam on the puffy paddlewheel.

Gusto works very well, from the faithful rendition of the classic Queen Margherita to sensational flavor combinations such as roast chicken and apple, lam sausage and tzatziki, butternut squash and roast pepper. Even that pepperoni, which was a bit of a nasty addition later, has Sriracha honey and roasted garlic pops. If you love the style of Naples, this is your stop.

But personally, it’s not my favorite kind of pizza, so despite salads, small plates, and a really impressive bar, I’ve only been there a couple of times.

The outdoor brunch at Gusto was so much fun that I found that I should have planned my weekend all the time.

Rear patio of Pizzeria Gusto, October 2021. (STEVE GILL / Okla City Free Press)

The rear patio is quickly relaxing, sunny, but well shaded and open to the elements, but feels half of the world away from the constant surge of 23 days within half a block. Trees, stones, light bulbs stretched overhead, climbing vegetation, hanging green pots, space left for the trees — a very atmospheric, fun-screaming little bird on the overhead branches is really there and feeding It took me a while to realize that it wasn’t done. By my imagination. If the weather is quite supportive, this should easily be your first choice.

Choosing a fare is a bit difficult for good reason.

The menu rotates with a certain regularity, but there are options for both sweets (such as lemon ricotta cornmeal waffles) and delicious ones (breakfast pizza, fried chicken, sausage gravy sauce biscuits). I chose Gusto Benedict with smoked salmon because I tend to favor naming the facility to menu items, or at least give it a hint. There are also poached eggs, fried chicken and roasted mushrooms, some with hollandaise sauce and spinach on top of a poached egg, and some with protein on top of a poached egg.

Pizzeria Gusto
Gusto Benedict in Pizzeria Gusto, October 2021. (Steve Gil / Oklahoma Free Press)

The taste of Hollandaise is more subtle than I expected, but it’s a praise. If the chef makes it too spicy, it can easily overwhelm other components. And the Focaccia round is almost perfect texture, firm enough to support biting, but easy to cut with a fork.

It may not be the original concept, but the finish was excellent, with a platter of crispy potatoes and berries, making it a perfect dish for breakfast. The apple pie bread pudding ordered by the lady at the next table can be admitted to have an unprecedented aroma.

Despite what’s on the building sign, I think it’s more likely than ever to think of this restaurant as Gusto, not because I smoke for simplicity. I hope it reminds me that there are many things to taste, not just pizza.

Pizzeria Gusto

2415 N Walker Avenue — pizzeria-gusto.com

  • Tuesday to Thursday: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Friday to Saturday: 11 am to 10 pm
  • Sunday: 11 am-9pm
  • Monday: Closed

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