Mulher Trek

Mulher Trek

                                         Mulher Trek

Mulher is a one of the many forts housed in the state of Maharashtra. It is also known as Mayurgad. This hill fort is situated on an elevation of 4200 feet from the ground. Maharashtra was home to the legendary Maratha Empire. This empire was extremely powerful during the reign of Peshwas. These prominent rulers has built several forts and temples. The forts acted as their home in some cases while in others they were built for strategic purposes at strategic locations. Mulher Fort is one such fort. These rock solid structures are still standing high and strong. Some parts of this fort is in ruins, yet the overall structure is worth paying a visit.

More about Mulher

The Mulher Fort is especially famous for its water tanks. There exists a total of nine water tanks in the fort’s premises. These tanks have crystal clear water. In addition to this there exists several water cisterns and a temple within the fortification. Most of the fortification remains while some of it has crumbled down. The three large entrances to the fort are completely destroyed.

Things to do in and around Mulher

Mulher is famous for its exceptional trekking experience. This location is famous amongst people who have the knack for adventure. Trekkers from all over the state of Maharashtra come to Mulher. One can plan a weekend trip to this fort with friends. One can visit this place all along the year. But for trekking trips, the monsoon season must be avoided. There exists two trek routes in order to each the fort. The starting point of both these routes is from the base village i.e. Mulhar. One has to walk for around half an hour to reach Dhangadwadi. Then after a further walk of about an hour one will find two routes ahead. The straight route is the easier route. The straight route takes one to the fort via a Ganesh Temple. Then one can find a flight of stairs which lead to the fort.

The second route a longer duration of time in order to reach the fort. One gets to see the three crumbled entrances while on this route. While on this route one will encounter a diversion and a right from here will take one to the top of the fort’s complex. Both these routes have their own specialty. One of them takes a lesser duration of time while the other makes the traveler unravel other mysteries. So, it is up to the traveler in order to decide which path to take.

The view from atop the fort is one unique kind of an experience. The panoramic beauty of this place makes the entire trek seem completely worth it. It presents a clear view of the Tungi and Mangi hills to the north as well as Dhodap and saptashringi to the East. Thus, Mulher is a wonderful spot for lovers of photography. The very structure of the fort acts a wonderful subject for clicking pictures. Even the dilapidated part of the fort look beautiful in their own way.

As mentioned earlier the fort complex houses a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh as well as other temples dedicated to Lord Ram, Lord Laxman, Lord Shiva etc. So, one can say that this place does not disappoint any visitor. Each and every person here gets an opportunity to explore according to their taste. These is nature, temples and an ancient structure all housed at one place, Mulher. Thus a trip to this place will definitely be a memorable experience.

A Tourist’s Guide

The fort is open on all days of the week. Entry is not ticketed here. One can visit this place throughout the year. Winters are ideal for planning a trekking trip as well as for picnics in this area. While on the trek in here, trekkers must take care of food themselves.

The nearest railway station from here is Nasik road railway station. It is at a distance of 125 km from here. The nearest airport is Gandhinagar International Airport which is 124 km away from Mulher. One can find public transport from the base village.

A trekking trip to Mulher is full of thrilling experiences. The peaceful aura of this place is ideal for getting away from one’s busy life. So, all one needs to do is to go backpacking to the hills of Mulher in order to find tranquility.

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