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University of Arkansas

All student UARK accounts will be activated for multi-factor authentication on September 22nd.

As part of our ongoing efforts to protect personal data, multi-factor authentication will be activated on September 22nd with approximately 9,400 new and transfer student UARK accounts. Since its inception, IT services have already activated multi-factor authentication for over 23,400 student accounts. In the spring semester. Since 2020, multi-factor authentication has been enabled for more than 10,600 accounts for faculty and student workers.

Multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security that makes it difficult for unauthorized users to access your personal data, services, and applications. Access to your UARK account is verified by combining what you know (username and password) with what you have (trusted devices such as phones).

“Multi-factor authentication account validation is more secure, especially for services that allow access to financial assistance, salaries, and other personal information,” said Stephen Tyser, Chief Information Security Officer. “If implemented correctly, multi-factor authentication will be the only and most effective tool to protect against cybersecurity attacks.”

With multi-factor enabled, students need to keep their smartphones charged when accessing online services such as coursework and testing. Once verified, you will be able to access the UARK service while still logged in. If you need to update your phone number account.uark.edu Log in using the @ uark.edu information.

Students can choose an authentication method when logging in to services such as UARK Email and Blackboard.

  • Enable pop-up notifications and tap, or
  • Enter the 6-digit code provided by the authenticator app, text, or phone message.

Multi-factor authentication is required for most online services, including Office 365 (Outlook, Word, Teams, etc.), Adobe, UAConnect, Blackboard Learn, Box, and more. View the complete list of applications.

“Multi-factor authentication is a core component of strong identity and access control policies,” says Tycer. “Multi-factor authentication can thwart many common attacks and phishing attempts. A hacker can compromise an entire organization with just one email account in the organization. Multi-factor authentication By enabling your email account and services such as Office, 365 is much more secure and difficult to hack. “

For more information Multi-factor authentication.

Multi-Factor Authentication to Include All New Students Source link Multi-Factor Authentication to Include All New Students

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