Multnomah County releases final report on 2021 heat wave – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2022-06-26 18:14:33 –

The historic heat wave began on June 26, 2021

KOIN, Oregon — On June 26, 2021, a historic heat wave covered Portland, the metro region, and much of Oregon, making it hotter than ever in the Pacific Northwest.

Just a year later, Multnomah County authorities released a final report documenting the health effects of the heat dome.

Multnomah County Heat Report – Final Version Released June 26, 2022

In Final report from Multnomah County Two-thirds of the people who died in the heat wave were men, and 79% were elderly people over the age of 60, and living alone was a major factor.

Of the 72 people who died in Multnomah County, 48 lived alone.

Air conditioning (or lack of air conditioning) was also an important factor. The 49 people who died had only fans or no cooling units of any kind.

At least one person died in almost every postal code in the county, but most of the deaths were concentrated in the heart of East Portland and downtown. These deaths were consistent with the county’s “heat island,” where more heat was trapped in roads and buildings.

Kermic Luster will take a break on June 27, 2021 at the cooling center of the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. During the historic heat wave this weekend, record highs were prolonged in the northwest. (Photo by Nathan Howard / Getty Images)

Most of the heat-related deaths occurred on the hottest day ever recorded in Portland and during the next two days from June 28th to June 30th. The temperature on June 28, 2021 reached 1116 degrees Celsius.

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Multnomah County releases final report on 2021 heat wave Source link Multnomah County releases final report on 2021 heat wave

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