Munroe-Meyer Institute celebrates new facility in Omaha – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-06-08 19:49:19 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — University of Nebraska Medical Center is new Munro Meyer Institute Tuesday facility Ribbon cutting.

The new building is located on Pine Street near the UNO Scott campus.

The $ 90 million project is twice as large as the former Munro Meyer Institute. To be exact, a lot of work was done for 249,827 hours. This corresponds to 28.5 years.

“This new building puts MMI in an unprecedented position to support a community of intellectual and developmental disabilities striving for cognition, acceptance and opportunity,” said Dr. Karoly Mirnics, director of MMI. Stated. “This building will make a clear difference to the IDD community and the wider community, and we will work together towards those goals.”

The new building will have rooms for physiotherapy and occupational therapy, as well as recreational spaces such as a pool, splash pads, playground and gym.

Timothy Shriver, Chairman of Special Olympics International, said all children have the same opportunity and the new MMI is leading us in that direction.

“You have a disability, so don’t go in here,” Schreiber said. “The reason you come here is that you have a child, who needs love, care, compassion, hope, dreams, skills, Because they need medicine like any other child. “

Susan Gass has brought his 15-year-old son here for nine years. She said he loves the sense of the community and just the fit.

“The facility is in line with the staff,” Gus said. “They are always outstanding and now they have the best place to do their job and I think they give us a very good opportunity to grow. This is a larger space. We will have more people helping the children in this community. “

The new building will also have dentists, optometrists and doctors who understand the unique needs of the child.

The building also has an evacuation cove (a small corner in the corridor) that provides a safe haven for clients and families who need time to meet.

Funding was provided through personal donations to the State of Nebraska and the University of Nebraska Foundation.

One thing that hasn’t changed is MMI’s mission and its passionate commitment to the families it serves.

“Although great, the building is nothing more than a building after all,” said Dr. Milnicus. “The most important thing is to be able to provide what the building can offer us, the best.

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Munroe-Meyer Institute celebrates new facility in Omaha Source link Munroe-Meyer Institute celebrates new facility in Omaha

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