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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-05-27 14:45:00 –

Seattle >> Washington State Attorney General killed two Tacoma police officers in murder and manslaughter in the death of Manuel Ellis, a black man who died today after reporting that he was unable to breathe because he was detained. Indicted for charges.

Prosecutor General Bob Ferguson has charged Christopher Burbank and Matthew Collins with second-class murder and Timothy Rankin with first-class manslaughter.

According to a probable cause statement filed with the Pierce County High Court, witnesses reported seeing Burbank and Collins attacking Ellis without provoking him, and Rankin allegedly squeezed Ellis’ back. Being blamed.

Ellis, 33, was killed on March 3, 2020. This was just a few weeks before George Floyd died under the knees of a white Minneapolis police officer. A coroner in Pierce County called his death a murder and attributed his lack of oxygen to uncontrollable.

With this death, Ellis’s name became synonymous with a plea for justice in protests in the Pacific Northwest. His last words- “I can’t breathe, sir!” — Captured by a home security camera.

“Eris wasn’t fighting back,” said a statement of possible causes. “All three civilian witnesses at the crossroads say they have never seen Ellis attack a police officer.”

Five Tacoma police officers are on paid leave until a decision to prosecute, and Mr Ferguson said the investigation is ongoing.

Deputy Sheriff of Pierce County, who helped Ellis detain. Gary Sanders was also the focus of the investigation.

The encounter began after police reported seeing Ellis trying to get into a car occupied by a red light. They cast Ellis as an attacker, saying Ellis was charged when the police got out of the police car.

However, two witnesses who recorded some of the deadly interactions brought up the same story, saying the police attacked without provocation. A police officer on the passenger side of the police car slammed Ellis’s door, knocked it down, jumped in and started beating.

Sheriff Ed Troyer of Pierce County, a detective and spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office at the time, said that none of the police officers had knees on Ellis’ neck or head. One of the videos shows just that.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office failed the initial investigation into Ellis’s death and did not reveal for three months that one of its agents had responded. State law requires an independent investigation. The Washington State Patrol took over and the Attorney General’s Office conducted an investigation based on the evidence collected by the patrol.

Ellis had a history of mental illness and addiction. In September 2019, he attempted a robbery at a fast food restaurant and was found naked. The deputy sheriff refused to keep him sitting on the ground, appealed to law enforcement agencies, and then subdued him with a taser gun.

However, the landlord of the sober house he was staying in told the Seattle Times that he has been doing well for the past few months since he was treated for schizophrenia.

Triggered by Ellis’ death, the failure of Pierce County’s investigation, and national protests against racial justice, Governor Jay Insley proposes a way to ensure an independent review of police use of murder power. Was convened.

Last week, Insley signed one of the country’s most ambitious police accountability packages, including a police choke hold, neck detention, and a complete ban on the use of no-knock warrants. Make it easier to revoke police fraud and create a separate office to investigate murder cases.

Murder charges filed against Tacoma officers in Black man’s death Source link Murder charges filed against Tacoma officers in Black man’s death

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