Murder, Lack of Money, Concealment Claims: South Carolina Family Mystery Attacks America | South Carolina

MeThis is a mud-thick, obscure story in the lowlands of South Carolina. Those who know are not talking, and those who do not are talking. However, six vigorous investigations, including a murder investigation, took control of the United States in the case of Richard “Alex” Murdaugh, a 53-year-old tort lawyer and descendant of one of the state’s most powerful families. ..

Last week, Madau appeared in court in Colombia, the capital of the state, and held a hearing on charges of misappropriating $ 3.5 million in an insurance settlement related to the death of long-time family housekeeper Gloria Satterfield. The defense and the prosecution have approved the bond claim. Judge Clifton Newman denied it.

Newman’s rationale was that Madau, who looked like the shadow of a cool guy in the previous photo, had a 20-year addiction to opioids, as the prosecution and defense admitted, with himself. It was dangerous for others. Eighty percent of criminal cases in court have an element of addiction.

“No amount of debt court can be set up to satisfy Mr Murdo and the protection of the community,” Newman said.

But that is barely the beginning of it. Like most things about the Murdo family, what is said raises questions about what is not said-and most of them bring about southern power, money and intimidation dating back decades. Expand to the center.

Outside the courtroom, Satterfield lawyer Ronnie Richter told the Guardian that class issues were widespread in the case. “We have a problem with the perception that power and influence, whether true or not, give you a second layer of justice from ranks and files. The system treats you like everyone else. It took courage to say that. “

When asked if the Satterfields accepted the explanation for Madau’s death, he said: Under investigation like everything else. “

In the last four months, the name Alex Murdaugh (pronounced Murdoch) has become a step on the path of misery.

Mardau’s wife Margaret or Maggie (52) and son Paul (22) died of a gunshot wound in front of a kennel on the 1,770-acre site of a couple near the town of Hampton on the night of June 7, this year. It was discovered that he was doing it. The suspect has not been publicly nominated.Maggie Murdo reportedly In search of separation A bounce from her husband after the check to a charity she supported.

Three days later, a South Carolina investigator said he began investigating the death of Steven Smith, a 19-year-old LGBTQ person who was found dead on a nearby road in July 2015. However, a deep gasping on his head suggested that he had been beaten and died.

According to a file on the state’s highway patrol, Madau’s family, a personal injury lawyer, called Smith’s family on the day Smith was found on the road. Offer to represent them for free.. The family told police that the offer was “strange.”

Then, in July of this year, court documents linked law enforcement and the Murdow family in the aftermath of a 2019 boat accident that killed 19-year-old Mallory Beach, the daughter of another prominent family in South Carolina. Insisted on a plot. Paul Murdo was allegedly drunk and driving a boat and was faced with related criminal accusations when he was killed.

“I believe the beach family is furious about how the criminal investigation was conducted while their daughter was dead and is actively trying to hide what happened,” said the beach family. Attorney Mark Tilcy told the Guardian.

In August, an investigation into the murder of Maggie and Paul’s death began at the state level. In September, Alex Murdaugh resigned from a family-co-founded law firm. Last week, the company sued millions of Alex who claimed to have been diverted.

Then, around 1:30 pm on September 4, the Hampton County Central Dispatch received a 911 call from Alex Murdo. The person who reported that he was shot in the head.. Two days later, he entered a rehab facility in Georgia. In a statement, he said he was having an “incredibly difficult time.”

Alex Murdo in court during a bond hearing Colombia on Tuesday. Photo: Lewis M Levine / AP

But shooting, According to state policeIs not an attempted murder, but an attempted suicide attempt by his cousin Curtis “Eddie” Smith in a fateful attempt to pay $ 10 million in life insurance to benefit Murdow’s other son, Buster. It was a possibility.

The shot grabbed Murdo’s head. Toxicology reports have found opioids and barbiturates in his blood. Smith claimed he was 1,000% confident that Madau wasn’t shot. Ten days later, Murdaugh was arrested in connection with the shooting and returned to treatment. Smith has been charged with aiding suicide, insurance fraud, and several other charges. He denies the charges.

Then, last week, Murdau appeared before Judge Newman after he was arrested on charges of diverting millions of people at Florida’s second rehab site. Illegal Death Proceedings Settlement Fund The prosecutor described it as a plan to “sue himself for an insurance settlement” from the Satterfields.

But that death also raises questions. According to Murdo, Satterfield stumbled upon a family dog, a hunting dog, and fell and hit his head. She later died of a stroke and cardiac arrest. At a hearing on Tuesday, Assistant Secretary of Justice Clayton Waters said the alleged fraud was “the tip of the iceberg.” There’s a lot more to reveal right away. “

However, instead of admitting the release of the bond and returning Murdo to rehab in Orlando, Judge Newman ordered a psychiatric evaluation and detained him.

Residents of Colleton County’s citizenship, Hampton, are uncertain whether the entire story represents an individual unraveling or the entire dynasty. And blood is associated with the area.

Murdo has been South Carolina’s 14th Patrol Lawyer (Principal Prosecutor of the Region) for over 85 years. Some argue that the vote was purchased through a donation of money “to the black people and the church.” Legal practice that ran out of the largest building in downtown Hampton has benefited from an incident involving $ 79 billion in rail and freight company CSX, which runs through the county.

Equally important is probably family social ties in South Carolina. South Carolina is known for its traditional and conservative practices and a wealthy white community that enjoys hunting, fishing, costume balls, and in some cases heavy drinking.

But along with wealth, there is serious poverty. In Hampton itself, the formal wear store is near the thrift shop.In court, the Satterfield family came in Check shirts and mullets, Madau’s lawyer Dick Harpootlian wore a gray pinstripes suit.

But at Hampton, few were willing to speak on record. Some said the stakes were too high. A person who attended school with Alex Murdo simply said: “He was a bully and abused lower class children. What happened to him is appropriate.”

Her father’s relative, Susie Murdo, said she could seek help in a wealthier relationship. “They were powerful. They own the country. If you went to court, you won. It didn’t matter what it was. Alex, his father Buster, or his Don’t think your grandfather lost the case. He told the judge what to do. “

That side of the family owned land throughout the county and considered themselves “at a higher level.”

“I don’t say Alex looked down on people, but he thought he was better than them,” she said.

But Susie Murdo also said he didn’t believe he was a drug addict. “As it may have been, Hampton is a drug county, but he [a] Serious alcoholism, yes. All Murdo are alcoholics. Three generations ago, they ran moonshine. So we come from a long line of alcoholics. “

How the various deaths are resolved, or whether they are resolved, is currently a matter for state investigators. The theory, with its many very complex motives, power plots, and accidental intersecting paths, hangs like Spanish moss from oaks in the coastal plain swamps.

“The handling of Alex’s beach civil case certainly facilitated his current elucidation, but how and why the murder happened, or how the murder was related to our case. It’s still hard to understand, “Tinsley said.

Most people say they don’t know the truth. Others indulge in conspiracy. Susie Murdau says she is confident that Maggie and Paul are not dead.

It’s a fantastic theory, but it’s not out of the character of this region and the story, where it seems very difficult to find the truth.

In any case, she states, “This all leads to concealment, concealment, concealment.”

Murder, Lack of Money, Concealment Claims: South Carolina Family Mystery Attacks America | South Carolina

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