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Hamtramck, Michigan — From ceremonial cloth to 18th Century tree paintings, carefully collected and carefully selected artifacts, help tell the story of the country and its people.

“There is a sense of protection and protection within the Ukrainian community and within Ukraine,” said Olga Liskiwskyi. Managing Director of Ukrainian American Archives and Museums.. “We have a deep understanding of what it means to be Ukrainian.”

Inside the museum, just outside Detroit, Liskiwskyi understands what’s there on a personal level.

“My parents came after World War II, and they all endured many difficulties going to the United States,” she said. “They survived the war-torn Ukraine between the Soviet Union and the Nazis.”

In another century, it is now another war, threatening the life and cultural institutions of Ukraine. This is a symbol of what it means to be Ukrainian.

“Are you the same as Russians, Poles, etc.?” Liskiwskyi remembered the people who asked her. “And you have to go through this elevator’s speech about what Ukrainians are.”

That’s not the case anymore.

Currently, collaborative efforts are underway to protect Ukrainian culture, arts and crafts, both here and in other museums throughout the United States.

“I think there was a bit of a disgusting reaction in Ukraine these days, as there have been so many big conflicts that museums have difficulty supporting,” said Brian, director of research and programs in Ukraine.・ Daniels states. Pen Cultural Heritage Center so Philadelphia Penn Museum..

Daniels, a wartime cultural conservation expert, said the museum advised Ukrainian colleagues on how to best protect cultural properties from destruction.

“This can range from putting sandbags on statues to moving endangered collections to safer places in Ukraine,” he said.

Here in the United States, it also includes digitizing and holding Ukrainian collections on foreign computer servers, so even if the worst goes to the actual physical artifacts, it remains a record.

“As seen in this conflict, cultural preservation is truly fundamental in trying to actually maintain one’s cultural memory, if the perpetrator actually intends to harm civilians. It’s an act of resistance, “Daniels said.

Returning to the Ukrainian-American archives and museums, their cultural memory has not diminished.

A special exhibition called “Treasure of Hometown” that opened before the war. It was scheduled to end in January, but when the war began, the exhibition was extended until the end of the year.

“To bet our claim that we are Ukrainians,” Liskiwskyi said.

Museums band together to protect Ukrainian artifacts Source link Museums band together to protect Ukrainian artifacts

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