Musk denies “barbaric accusations” against him, clearly referring to reports of harassment.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announces post-launch news in the press site auditorium of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on May 30, 2020, following the launch of the SpaceX Demo-2 mission to the International Space Station. Join the meeting.

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Founder of SpaceX Elon Musk In a tweet late Thursday, he said the “barbaric accusations” against him were not true.

He did not explain what those accusations were.But his reaction is Thursday’s Business Insider Report The aerospace company said it paid $ 250,000 for flight attendants who accused the millionaire of sexual misconduct.

ReportThe woman, citing interviews and documents obtained by insiders, claimed to have exposed her erect penis to a musk during a massage, touched her thighs without consent, and offered to buy a horse if she had sexual activity.

“For the record, those barbaric accusations are not entirely true,” Musk tweeted, without referring directly to the report.

“Attack on me needs to be seen through a political lens. This is their standard (sneaky) playbook,” he tweeted.

Insiders report an incident in Mask’s room on a SpaceX jet during a flight to London in late 2016 after the world’s wealthiest man asked her to do a “whole body massage.” bottom.

“There’s a lot more to this story,” Musk told insiders, as he asked the publication for more time to answer the article’s claims.

“If I tend to engage in sexual harassment, it won’t be the first time in my 30-year career,” Musk reportedly wrote to an insider. He also said the article was “a politically motivated hit,” the outlet reported.

Insiders reported that it changed the publication deadline after Musk requested more time to respond, but he made no further comments on the allegations.

“I’m not going to comment on the settlement agreement,” said Christopher Cardachi, SpaceX’s vice president of legal affairs, quoted by insiders.

CNBC is asking SpaceX for comment.

Insider reports Tesla Chief Musk is engaged in an effort to buy social media giants twitter..

The allegations reported Thursday are detailed in a declaration signed by a friend of the Flight Attendant.

According to insiders, the declaration was given by a female lawyer to SpaceX’s talent department in 2018 after she felt that her job opportunities at the company had diminished after refusing to sexually contact Mask. It was done to support the complaints made.

Neither the friend who talked to the insider nor the woman who refused to be interviewed by the publication was identified by name in the article. According to the report, the Flight Attendant has signed a nondisclosure agreement as part of a settlement with SpaceX.

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Insiders reported that a friend said the flight attendant told her a story about musk shortly after it happened.

And the outlet felt that his friend was obliged to be a survivor of sexual assault to disclose his claim to Mask, so he decided to reveal the woman’s claim without first asking the Flight Attendant. I reported that I said that.

Insiders reported that the Flight Attendant’s complaint against SpaceX’s HR department was “immediately resolved after a session with an intermediary in which Mask personally participated.”

According to the press, Mask, SpaceX, and the Flight Attendant agreed in November 2018 to pay a woman $ 250,000 in Severance instead of promising not to file a proceeding related to her allegations. ..

Read the full insider report here.

— CNBC Weizentan When Michael Sheets Contributed to this report.

Musk denies “barbaric accusations” against him, clearly referring to reports of harassment.

Source link Musk denies “barbaric accusations” against him, clearly referring to reports of harassment.

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