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Muskogee, Oklahoma — After a two-year break, a couple of muskogees are ready to regain their eerie spirit by decorating Halloween with the largest display ever.

Thomas Banneck says he has a grand display every year to make Halloween a unique experience for kids and families. The decoration comes up not only for the neighborhood, but also for the people of the green country who come to see it at night.

“Everyone goes out for Christmas. Anyone can go up for it,” says Banneck. “We have Halloween because no one else does anything like that.”

This year’s theme is Undead Circus. Decorations include trainers, influential men and bearded women, three acrobatic horseback riding, small animal trainers, and even human cannons. It just scratches the surface of what this display offers.

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“When we did the undead circus a few years ago, it was much smaller,” explains Baneck. “But the next thing I know is what’s going on with this as I’m adding more and more.”

But this spectacular exhibition was hardly intended to be this year. Baneck had an osteophyte that affected his Achilles tendon, which eventually led to surgery.

Because he couldn’t walk, Banneck decided not to add any decorations this year. He was close to putting up a sign to explain the situation, but eventually decided to oppose it.

“I’m always joking that next year is the last year,” he laughs. “But I really thought it wouldn’t happen this year.”

Having taken the time to set everything up over the course of two weeks, Banneck was able to decorate everything with eerie and wild fashion in enough time for Halloween.

He says the big motivation for doing this year despite having surgery was that he wanted to return to the holiday tradition as before.

“We couldn’t do this last year. At this point, I think everyone wants to get back to normal,” says Banneck.

According to Baneck, the display is aimed at everyone, including adults, children, and even people who come to take pictures. All he asks is not only the decoration, but also respect for the other people in the neighborhood when you come out.

“We are ready to welcome everyone this year,” says Banneck. “Even if you’re wearing a costume or a kid who brings a Wal-Mart bag, please come.”

The Undead Circus is located on Muskogee’s 201 Elton Drive and stays awake throughout Halloween.

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Muskogee couple brings big top spirit for this year’s Halloween decorations Source link Muskogee couple brings big top spirit for this year’s Halloween decorations

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