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I’m Art Kumbalek, man oh manischewitz is the world, Aina? So listen, here we ask what’s stupid in September. I’ve been trying to cool my heels since April this month, but finally I’ve heard my favorite season climb the stairs and knock on the door.

But I have to tell you, too many right-wing crackers for the rich trying to steal democracy-Jackanape Jack boots across the amber waves of the fruitful plains As a member of the U.S. and State Legislatures, I continue to march on geese, I stopped writing exaggerated essays this week and instead offered customer service cheaper to a god-forsaken outpost outside Lower 48. I decided that it would be more patriotic for me to patronize American SMEs that couldn’t be outsourced.

So I head to the Uptownner Tavern / Charm School, which is imposingly packed into the corners of the coveted hysterical Humboldt Boulevard and the legendary Center Street. Tag as needed, but cover the first round. Alright, let’s go.

Harvey: Talking about work, I heard that Texas is looking for a bounty hunter.

Ray: What is Billy the Kid returning from death? Any thoughts on what the bounty hunter gig pays for?

Harvey: It seems that all you have to do is arrest a gal trying to exercise her constitutional rights, and you can put a cool $ 10,000 in your pocket. That’s what I heard, I won’t shit you.

Julius: I hope the Taliban Afghans haven’t heard about this. Because they know how to treat so-called noble women. Crypse, they will be deep in the heart of Texas in the minutes of New York. A fortune of $ 10 for any of these Fock Sticks is like a million dollars for you and me.

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Arnie: Texas is the worst. They say everything is bigger in Texas, you bet, especially Gol’s ridiculous stupidity and top-notch ignorance. Never forget what the Civil War general Philip Henry Sheridan said. “If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent Texas to live in Hell.” And fans of those Jug Wagon “American Teams” Dallas Cowboys went ahead and they chose. You can kiss my sweet green & gold packer’s ass on the day of the week.

Little Jimmy Iodine: I heard that a new soccer season is about to begin this weekend. Go to the pack! And I think you must be $ 2-80, lots of 9/11 memories around the league stadium will come on Sunday, Aina?

Ray: Oh, you bet. What I want to see is a match in DC. In half-time, carry out the handcuffed naked Dick “Duck” chainy and water the m-effer on the 50-yard line in half-time.

Emil: God Bless America. This 9/11, someday, somewhere there still needs to be a bright side to it, ain’a?

Julius: like that?

Emil: If you’re a man and it’s your wedding anniversary, it’s easy to remember.

Harvey: I can buy it. Association. Every time the tragic anniversary of a disaster, such as the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, or Hurricane Katrina, comes to mind, the dark day I got married immediately comes to my mind.

Ray: Association — That’s the way I remember things too. I remember it’s time to drink another focking cocktail, like when I see a bartender coming down to this end of the bar.

Arnie: There are disasters that can be caused by mistakes that you don’t even know what you are doing, and there are disasters that happen no matter what you do. It’s like these asteroids flying around in space. I read somewhere that it doesn’t matter which side of the bed I get out of in the morning. Space rock, about the size of three football stadiums, wipes everything out, and everyone in the space is the size of a new foxing jersey. The Sopranos, Atlantic City, Chemical Dump, Bruce Springsteen, Gumba politician on the take, Badabin! Bada boom! — That day, Mother Nature happened to the other side of the bed, making it all second in New York.

Emil: Mother Nature has nothing to do with things in outer space, so Im-focking-possible’.

Julius: hell. Listen to Einstein. We Sapienhomo and the rest of life on this planet all began in outer space. If you speak like a sausage through your anus, close the hook.

Ray: Speaking of “talking from the anus …”

Little Jimmy Iodine: Hey, Artie! here. Put a load on your butt.

art: Hi gentleman. What do you hear and what do you know?

Julius: I’ve heard that Republicans are trying a bit to win the House and Senate next year. This is to allow even greater tax cuts to pass, with the exception of mom and pop regular Joe, who are struggling to maintain a pot to pee. Cut only for the super-rich dislike of fat cats funding Congressional QAnon-type campaigns to destroy truth, justice, and the American way.

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Harvey: When they had the idea of ​​a “ownership society”, that is, Congressional Republicans and their fellow donors own all the money and all the power, the rest of the baboons get a one-way ticket to Palooka-focking-ville. Do you remember owning it?

art: Before I forget, I talked about the documentary “Superhero” I saw on TV. Every day guys and gals act like Batman and go out to fight crime.

Little Jimmy Iodine: I wasn’t in touch with such a thing, but I heard that Superman and Lois Lane were finally married. I was always wondering if they would have children. So what does it mean to breastfeed your baby with superhuman sucking power?

Emil: I would like to know how they got their marriage license in the first place. The man came from another mocking planet that shouted out. Don’t you think there are any laws or amendments? A woman on earth who has a marital relationship with a creature from the outside pockmark space for Christ-a creature that tends to wear colorful leotards and cloaks in public?

Harvey: That’s a difficult question. It may be ridiculous to think of someone from space as another species. Maintaining intimate relationships with members of other species may be perfectly acceptable on the stage of some entertainment venues just south of the Texas border, but interspecies life partner unions play in Peoria. I don’t think there is anything to do. Also, there is no Christian right nut bag that helped put the trumpet skin in the White House.

Arnie: No shit, because I must have been a Democrat for you a $ 2-80 Superman.

Emil: How do you understand it?

Arnie: Being numb, he was always helping and saving people, no matter how much money they made, or on either side of the track they were born on.

(Hey, I know you’re late and you have to go, but thank you for letting me bend my ears, because I said that at Art Kumbalek.)

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