My baby’s father is not anyone’s “business”

Almost two weeks after announcing her pregnancy, Dani Swales Speaking exclusively We weekly Why did she choose not to reveal her baby’s father?

“I don’t think it’s related to my situation, that’s it.” Under the deck sailing yacht Star, 33, said We.. “I understand that people are interested in it, and I understand that I’m on a TV show and everyone wants to know. It’s not anyone’s job right now. I think.”

Bravo’s personality Debuted her baby bump She wrote on Instagram in April, “It’s just you and me, a little baby.”

Dani Swales Courtesy of Danisoares / Instagram

The following month, one of Australia’s charter guests Barry Drewit-Barlow Joked about her next arrival dad.When his daughter Saffron proclaimed Gene Luc Selza Lanault In an Instagram video in April, her “most disliked” crew called him a standoff, and Drewitt-Barlow replied: And he’s going to be a dad, come on. “

A man from England went on to say, [Soares] I got pregnant on a drunken night. ” “They were all very dark, those rooms,” Drewit-Barlow joked. “I know I chopped someone up, but I don’t know who it was.”

Drewitt-Barlow told fans in the comments section that he didn’t know his father was “secret.” He writes: “No matter who my dad was, they were a lucky companion who could spend the night with @iamdanisoares. Dani was beautiful. She was a very nice person.”

Soares commented with a laughing and crying emoji at the time, writing: @donbarriebaby. “

Reality Star Opened About Jokes During Interview We,I will explain. “Barry made a video that he came downstairs to the crew area. It was really dark and he was sleeping with someone. So I commented.”

Mom joking during See what happens with Andy Cohen Last month’s episode that the next season of the show is a “PSA” for drinking. “Remember what you did last night,” said the pregnant star at the time. “And be sure to wear a condom.”

While waiting for her child, Soares’s birth plan is “to go as naturally as possible.”She explained We She said, “I don’t want epidural anesthesia,” and “I’m mentally ready, whatever it is, because babies usually choose how to come to the world on their own, but in the hospital. So it’s as natural as possible. “

Under the deck sailing yacht Bravo will air on Monday at 9 pm EST.

Report by Diana Cooper

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My baby’s father is not anyone’s “business”

Source link My baby’s father is not anyone’s “business”

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