My Style: Anna Zietz and Erica Tankesley, owners of Glad & Young Studio – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2021-06-15 11:41:15 –

Anna wears a Fifth Label blazer (via Poshmark), a Hanes x Karla T-shirt, and vintage lime pants. Erica wears Nuworks tops, vintage floral trousers and Topshop shoes.

Photo by Ben Rollins

Anna Zietz on the left and Erica Tankesley, who met as a bartender, wanted to inject a bit of fun and capriciousness into the almost practical handmade leather market. In 2015, they combined Zietz’s graphic design background with Tankesley’s seamstress skills to launch a high octane leather line. Glad & Young Studio, The support of cults is increasing.

neighborhood Ponce City Market Studio

brand Colorful, fun, bright and energetic products that are heavily influenced by our personal style

color Confidential pink! Always pink. Pink when in doubt!

2020 life lesson
Tankesley: Get on the flow.
Jets: Accept to be junk. Let it work!

The best Atlanta secrets
Tankesley: Highland Row Antique
Jets: Wedgwood El Tesoro

I can’t wait until I ____ again
Jets: hug

Style statement
Jets: Patterns, stripes, bright
Tankesley: Floral, neon, velvet

Tankesley: Michelle Norris from Tropico Photo
Jets: Michelle Obama

Closet staples
Jets: Thick sweater, patterned pants
Tankesley: Dr. Martens, polka dot overalls

Take Two (Accessories) Both: Funny pack and hair tie

ATL shopping documents Megan Huntz, Bombchel Factory, Press Shop, Brick + Mortar, Citizen Supply

Zoom support
Jets: Mascara and good windows
Tankesley: eyeliner

Vintage or new second hand

You as a cocktail
Jets: Aperol Splits. The color is me!
Tankesley: Hemingway Daiquiri

This article appeared in the May 2021 issue.

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