Myanmar’s acquisition of power sets the stage for Biden’s first UN confrontation between China and Russia

Beijing — — Military takeover in Myanmar According to Chinese national media, Aung San Suu Kyi’s detention was a “massive cabinet reshuffle,” a euphemism that was not called a coup. When democratic leaders around the world blamed the Burmese army and President Joe Biden said the United States was “paying attention” to those standing for the people of Myanmar. Chinese Communist Party leadership I took an approach softly.

Beijing called on all Myanmar parties to “solve their differences,” and the official Xinhua news agency described Monday as a “major cabinet reshuffle” of the army replacing the elected ministers after the coup.

Meanwhile, nationalist Global Times, citing an unnamed expert, said the general’s acquisition of power could be seen as “adjustment to the dysfunctional power structure of the country.”

On February 2, 2021, in Yangon, Myanmar, supporters of the Myanmar government’s military takeover wave the national and military flags.

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Known for its fierce commentary on Chinese critics, the paper also took this opportunity to attack former US President Donald Trump, whose militant approach to Beijing has dropped US-China relations to its lowest level in decades. It was.

“Some experts refused to admit the election defeat and said Trump, who reportedly instigated the parliamentary riots, could be Myanmar. Military inspirationI wrote.

Beijing has long rejected what it considers to be an interference with “domestic affairs,” such as criticism of human rights records, and is equally neutral to most diplomacy.

Myanmar is also an important part of Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative. Xi Jinping president visited the country in January last year, promised to support the Myanmar government in the “appropriate to their own circumstances” development path.

China, United Nations, leverage

Meanwhile, European officials immediately condemned the acquisition and clearly labeled it a coup. Many others, including US President Joe Biden and the President of the United Nations General Assembly, denounced military action and called for an immediate restoration of Myanmar’s democracy, but did not use the term “coup.”

The use of the label could have a legal impact on the U.S. government’s ability to provide assistance to the people of Myanmar, as the UN Security Council will address this issue later in Tuesday. The Biden administration is a coordinated international response.

The Myanmar military justified its seizure of power by claiming widespread fraud that the NLD had won overwhelmingly in an election three months ago. It imposes a state of emergency for a year and then holds a new election.

On February 2, 2021, a Myanmar military stand guard at a checkpoint with an armored vehicle blocking the road leading to the Parliament Building in Naypyidaw, Myanmar.


So far, China, and to a lesser extent Russia, is the only one willing to defend military action in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma and still referred to by the U.S. government. It is a country.

Russia used a very gentle rhetoric in explaining military takeover, suggesting that it was merely an internal disagreement about “the differences that followed the outcome of the congressional elections.”

“We hope that the situation will be resolved peacefully in accordance with current law through the resumption of political dialogue,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday. “We paid attention to the statement.” Military officials said they intend to hold a new parliamentary election within a year. “

Importantly, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, both China and Russia will impose multilateral sanctions on Myanmar’s junta to veto resolutions proposed within its body. It has the potential to thwart efforts led by other countries. Formally label the actions of the coup.

The United States can act unilaterally, and if the Burmese army fails to “cancel these actions immediately,” the Biden administration has vowed to “take action against the responsible person.”

Myanmar army takes control


But as an Asian analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, based in Washington, wrote on Monday. Notes on MyanmarThe US government’s influence over the new military leadership is limited by Washington’s relatively small domestic investment footprint.

“Despite its 10-year opening, US companies continue to be relatively modest players in the Myanmar economy,” said a CSIS analyst. “Investors are primarily aimed at providing goods and services to Myanmar’s domestic market. That is, their departure will be primarily harmful to the private sector. US companies are a natural resource that the military weighs heavily on. Are moving away from the mining and commodity export sectors. Invested. “

Analysts said the effectiveness of the punitive measures imposed by Washington depended on support from other Asian countries with closer business ties with Myanmar. However, that support can be difficult to solidify, even from close allies.

“It will be more difficult for the United States to keep up with major Myanmar investors such as Japan and Singapore, and China, the largest foreign player in Myanmar’s economy, re-engages to recognize new things. You will be very pleased to make the adjustments. The facts on the ground. ” “It will probably ease the impact of US sanctions.”

Myanmar’s acquisition of power sets the stage for Biden’s first UN confrontation between China and Russia

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