Myles Garrett drug tests – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-10-22 21:59:06 –

Cleveland (WJW) – Cleveland Browns Defensive end Myles Garrett The NFL joked on Friday that he was “trying to clone” him after he was asked to complete a compulsory drug test again.

After the Browns 17-14 wins over Denver Broncos on Thursday night, Garrett tweeted a screenshot from his cell phone, notifying him that he was selected for a mandatory drug test on Friday morning.

This is the third time he has had to do a compulsory drug test in the last few weeks.

After Brown won the Minnesota Vikings in the fourth week, Garrett tweeted that he was tested in the morning after becoming sleeveless during the match.

Then again on Tuesday, Garrett tweeted that he would no longer be sleeveless after the second drug test after losing to Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

Garrett recently Quarterback Cemetery He stood outside the house for Halloween.

Browns will face rival Steelers on Halloween at 1pm

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