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Florence, South Carolina 2021-10-14 17:37:14 –

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (WBTW) – Myrtle Beach International Airport leaders are planning to take advantage of this off-season to prepare for next summer following a record travel season.

MYR’s Ryan Betcher states that the worst year of the airport will be the busiest year ever, as MYR’s post-pandemic recovery rate is higher than the national average. Something he is partly attributed to changes in travel culture.

“The transition from business traffic to a leisure market like us,” he said. “We were very lucky to see the demands of those who want to come to Myrtle Beach and the locals who want to go out. So that’s why we’re in that off-season. I tried to use. “

Last year, the airport opened more TSA security lines and recently added new concessions like Starbucks. Betcher says their staff puts a great deal of emphasis on the traveler’s experience.

A new baggage system specially designed with golf bags in mind is also new to the airport.
The parking lot has become wider and has been refurbished. A federal-funded $ 60 million project was needed after some asphalt wear, Betcher said. The new site is made of concrete and will last a long time, he says.

Many changes on the MYR horizon are done behind the scenes, including the addition of another 100,000 gallon fuel tank. Three days during the summer travel season is sufficient.

“Just add more capacity and you have more protection,” says Betcher. “Increase supply a little more to survive all sorts of disruptions in the supply chain.”

From this month, a canopy will be installed in the rental car parking lot. With a computer system that helps streamline the rental process. The project costs about $ 20 million and will be completed in two stages over the next two years.

Airport leaders plan to expand and add another terminal, but the pandemic has delayed the process.

However, this is the first winter when both Terminal A and Terminal B remain open. Normally, one will be closed during the late months to reduce concessions and the burden on the janitor, but Betcher says adding Southwest Airlines services will require space.

“Even in the off-season shoulder season, there is more demand than ever, so we really need that gate space,” he said.

MYR leaders plan projects for the offseason to keep up with growing demand Source link MYR leaders plan projects for the offseason to keep up with growing demand

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