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Florence, South Carolina 2021-12-08 20:54:13 –

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (WBTW) – The beach may not be a concern yet, but Luck’s Beach Service is already working to hire dozens of guards along the coast of Myrtle Beach next year. ..

Lifeguard companies are working hard to recruit workers in both the United States and other countries after having a difficult year finding help.

“We go to college,” said General Manager Weslin Luck Chickering. “We go to a job fair. We went to a swimming competition. We make flyers. We set up a table at the student center. We have as much as we can to reach these students. I will do that. “

The lack of kickering said he hopes to hire more than 40 guards at Myrtle Beach for next season, in addition to beach attendants. She said Luck is moving away from the dual-role lifeguard.

“We’re really looking for lifeguards this summer to focus solely on water, and then we’re focusing on having a beach attendant behind (together) all the equipment,” she says. I did.

She hopes to find more help from J-1 students this year after the restrictions that affected 2021.

“We have set a goal for 50-60 J-1 students. It would be great if we could get better grades,” says Lack Chickering. “But we also really supplement American students to ensure they get the coverage they need.”

John’s Beach Service has also been adopted in the 2022 season. Next week there will be a beach advisory board. There will be discussions about franchise agreements during the meeting.

Myrtle Beach lifeguard companies recruit for next season Source link Myrtle Beach lifeguard companies recruit for next season

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