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Florence, South Carolina 2021-10-18 06:08:20 –

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (WBTW) – The ban on travel between the United States and Canada will end next month.

Karen Riodan, president and chief executive officer of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, said this could have a positive impact on local businesses.

Myrtle Beach continues to be a top attraction for travelers this fall and holiday season. The Chamber of Commerce said it was happy to hear that these restrictions would be lifted.

The Chamber of Commerce said in part of its statement: “Canada is our top international market and many continue to fly to the region, but opening borders will be an important boom for our business. Domestic marketing activities It continues and I fully hope that Canadians will choose a spectacular strand for their long-awaited vacation. “

“We are very excited about it because our Canadians can drive across the border and then start moving south to Myrtle Beach. We plan to stay there. They usually stay for a week or two, and some decide to stay throughout the season and they hope they stay here throughout the winter. They hope you stay here in January. Those who will see them swimming in, “said Riodan.

Local hotels said that around this time last year, they were usually filled with about 60% of their monthly guests, but last year it wasn’t.

The hotel said it caused a decline in occupancy. For about three-quarters of my monthly stay, I decided it was best to stay at home. With the lifting of the ban, Myrtle Beach has become a top vacation spot, which could provide a very necessary boost to local businesses recovering from the effects of the pandemic, Riodan said.

“We were consistently one of the top places in the fall, but now it is said that many people see it as a beach as a place to come for Thanksgiving. It’s exciting for us.” Said Riodan.

The new rules will allow fully vaccinated people from other countries to come to the United States, regardless of the reason for the trip.

Myrtle Beach prepares for return of Canadian tourists Source link Myrtle Beach prepares for return of Canadian tourists

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