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Updated June 10, 2021 (CBS46)- The 155-year-old doorknob of the Tybee Island Lighthouse is located in Indiana.

After the Tybee Island police Facebook post was shared about 3,000 times in 24 hours, TIPD knows the identity of the man depicted in the post about the missing historic doorknob. One of the tips is to take a Tybee Island police detective out of Georgia. They contacted the Sheriff’s Office in Greene County, Indiana, who confirmed the identity of the man in the photo.

GCSO’s agent recovered the stolen doorknob from the man’s house. Fees are pending. Arrangements have been made to return the doorknob to the correct location at the Tybee Island Lighthouse.

Tybee Island, Georgia (CBS46)-State representatives urge Georgians to help historic sites as mysteries swirl around the missing part of a symbolic landmark on the Georgia coastline.

No historic doorknob Tybee Island Lighthouse.. In this case, the knob is not a regular object. According to the Tybee Island Police, a 155-year-old brass contacted the general public via a Facebook page. TIPD wants to lead the mystery from that post.

The historic knob was from an external door at the top of the Tybee Island Lighthouse. It went missing on June 3, 2021. The next day, the lighthouse crew posted on Facebook about the doorknob, giving the person responsible the opportunity to return it “without question”. To date, doorknobs have not been returned.

According to the police station, a review of the lighthouse surveillance footage shows a man removing the knob from the door and putting it in his shorts cargo pocket. Police on Tybee Island have released a photo of a man investigators wishing to investigate the disappearance of a brass doorknob with the following message:

We need your help to pinpoint who he is and, if possible, retrieve the stolen item. It may look like a doorknob to some, but it’s an important part of the island’s history for everyone who loves Thaiby.

The lighthouse is 145 feet high and was built in 1736 and is the oldest and tallest lighthouse in Georgia.

As the mystery of the lost doorknob continues, Georgia representative Jesse Petrea (Republican Savannah) has announced two final designs for the Tybee Island Lighthouse license plate proposed to support the Tybee Island Historical Society. ..

One of the two final license plate designs for Tybee Island Lighthouse.

There are two designs that Georgians are asked to choose. Petrea introduced Georgia House Bill 203 to create a special plate. Georgians will be able to start voting on design choices on June 8, 2021.

“The Tybee Island Historical Society helps protect and maintain the lighthouses and museums on Tybee Island, one of Georgia’s most beloved coastal treasures,” said Petrea. “I realize this special license plate for all Georgians by supporting the future of historical society, voting for the final design by September 1st, and pre-ordering my license plate. Encourage you to help. “

This historic association collects tag pre-orders and aggregates votes for your favorite designs. In order for the bill to be passed during Congress in 2022, 1,000 of these special tags must be purchased in advance.

Tybee Island final plate design

The second of the two final license plate designs for Tybee Island Lighthouse.

To vote for one of the two final designs, please visit: Click for more information on the HB 203. Here.. Click for more information on pre-ordering the proposed license plates. here.

If the doorknob is lost, Tybee Island Police will contact Detective Travis Lugin (912) 786-5600 to provide civilians with information about the man in the photo or related information about the incident. I asked for it.

Mystery solved in the stolen door knob from Tybee Island Lighthouse | News Source link Mystery solved in the stolen door knob from Tybee Island Lighthouse | News

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