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N.O. Tech Startup Is Connecting Online Shoppers With Local Inventory – New Orleans, Louisiana

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New Orleans – New Orleans-based technology company Locally helps online shoppers find local inventory.

Founded in 2014 by Mike Massey, Blake Haney (founder of Dirty Coast), and startup Ben Hirsch. We have no employees and started with a few partner brands and retailers. Today, it has more than 20 team members scattered across the country and more than 400 global brand partners, including the outdoor apparel company Patagonia. Shoes and clothing brands Saucony and Sperry. And Sonos, a premium wireless speaker company. Trek Bikes has just signed on as a partner, and footwear giant Crocs is coming online next.

These partners pay Locally a monthly fee in exchange for services that help shoppers look up their purchases online and find products at nearby stores. The company also earns a small percentage of the online sales it promotes. Locally’s team works with hundreds of retailers to collect inventory data and use search engine optimization and e-commerce strategies to improve search results for brand partners.

The entire process is designed to take advantage of changing consumer behavior.

Massy, ​​the third-generation owner of Massy Outfitters, who has been working on this technology startup for the past seven years in his upstairs office above Massy’s location, said, “In the Amazon era, product research came from physical stores. I’ve moved online. ” Carrollton Avenue in Mid-City.

“Consumers are doing more product research on branded websites, search engines and social media,” he said. “But this type of engagement is completely separate from the inventory on the street. Unlike restaurants, cinemas and large retail stores, you can’t see the products in your local store online. 7 years. We fixed it locally before and set out to visualize local inventory. “

Massey, Honey and Hirsch initially raised low-six digits from a combination of local and domestic investors. One of the first big expenses was to buy the domain “” for about $ 100,000. Over the next four years, the three, as Massy says, spent time “bush waacking” to cut through obstacles and pave the way for ventures to move forward.

“The first thing I did when I got out of the gate was to launch a website with local inventory,” he says. “Google has mapped all these pages, but it took us a few years to actually succeed. About the brands and product types we sell in most cities today,” I Search for “near” or “my city” to see the top results. We have 10,000 stores on our platform, and we provide all that information to Google through natural search results. There are also some platforms that feed data to the paid portion of Google. So if you are a retailer and want to advertise your local inventory to local shoppers through advertising, you can do that too. “

In 2018, Locally received its second investment, boosting a period of significant growth with high-digit numbers. At this point, the company has upgraded its software to allow customers to process transactions online instead of sending them to stores for purchase.

“In the first year, I think there were probably 10 people visiting the website a day because of poor indexing.” But now, about 500,000 people visit a day. I think … Over the last five years, consumers have learned that they can find inventory at their local Best Buy or Home Depot by visiting their website, or by visiting Google and in New Orleans. A search for Garden Horses will find stocks at Lowe’s and Home Depot. We are leveraging the same experience to empower Patagonia, Yeti and New Balance. People because these brands focus on the experience. Wants to buy something at a nearby store rather than ordering. “

After seeing record growth during the pandemic, Massy is bullish on the future.

“I’m very excited about the deal with Trek. Crocs is currently one of the hottest brands on the market,” he said. “We have 300 stores in malls and airports with the intention of taking over the power of all stores. We want to be the best company in the world for this particular user behavior (shopping online, buying in-store). We want to be an OpenTable or Ticketmaster for such an experience. I think we have made a good start for everyone. “

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