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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-12-21 13:12:32 –

San Diego-Omicron variants are spreading rapidly throughout the country, and health professionals believe another surge COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) The case is on the way.

As in last year and a half, experts say that the best way people can protect themselves is to wear a mask indoors or in a crowded space. But which face cover provides the most protection against COVID-19?

A University of Minnesota Studies We investigated how long it took to get infected with COVID-19, depending on the type of mask worn around the infected person.

For example, if the infected person is maskless and the non-infected person is wearing a cloth mask, research has shown that it takes 20 minutes for the person wearing the mask to become infected.

The timespan was extended to 30 minutes if wearing a surgical mask and 2.5 hours if wearing a fit-tested N95 mask or similar models such as the KF94 and KN95.

If the infected person was also masked, the protection time was even longer.

The study suggested that infected individuals shared the same space as non-infected individuals for 25 hours without transmitting the virus if both were wearing conformance-tested N95.

“If you’re indoors with others for a while, it’s really a good idea to upgrade your game to KN90 or N95,” said Dr. Christian Lamaze, a family infectious disease specialist. Of the center of San Diego.

Lamaze said the caveat to this study was that it didn’t consider new varieties.

“We now have Omicrons that are two to five times more infectious than Delta, further reducing the protection of these numbers,” Lamaze said.

Unlike last winter, there is currently no significant PPE shortage. Americans are now able to use higher quality masks, even though they are intended for hospital use.

However, Ramers says double masking works in a pinch for those who don’t have access to the N95 or KN90.

“If you can’t get a higher quality mask, it’s a good idea to use a cloth before surgery,” Ramers said.

He said double masking reduces comfort but greatly enhances protection.

Lamaze says he has seen about 30 severely ill COVID-19 patients a week at his monoclonal antibody infusion clinic for the past two years. He wears a worn N95 mask every day and has never tested positive. He is also completely vaccinated.

This story was originally published by Rina Nakano at Scripps Station KGTV In San Diego.

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