Naftali Bennett will be rewarded for a calculated rise to the pinnacle of Israeli politics

Naftali Bennett has made a name for himself as a tough Israeli transnationalist who demands the settlement of Jews on the west bank of the occupied Jordan and stricter actions against Palestinian militants.

Now he is on the verge of claiming Israel’s best office With the support of the fringe left and the only Islamist Arab party in the Jewish state.

When the 49-year-old prepares to be promoted to work — abdication Benjamin NetanyahuHis incendiary comments, his one-time leader and five-time prime minister, have been analyzed for hints on what he will be.

Ability to play different roles for those who stood up with him and friends who have known him for decades — the flag bearers of strict rights, tech millionaires, and suddenly in a fragmented country. We’re talking more about unity —. Bennett than the incendiary comments that made headlines with his calculated rise to the pinnacle of Israeli politics.

“He always had a very thoughtful public figure. It’s not calculated, but it’s carefully tuned,” said one of two long-time friends who wanted to remain anonymous. , Speaking freely about potential leaders of the Jewish state. “They lead to very convenient contradictions,” the second said. “Politician Naphtali is constantly evolving.”

The evolution continues on Sunday, when 61 members of the 120-seat Israeli parliament attend. Voting schedule Benjamin became the first prime minister, ending Netanyahu’s 12-year term.

It heralded some of the first arrivals of the Jewish state. He was a religious Jew who wore the first Kipa to run the country and kept the Sabbath. First shared power with the Arab political party Islamist Ra’am. And the first prime minister to manage only the six seats in Knesset.

Naftali Bennett (center) details coalition with opposition leader Jar Rapid (left) and Mansour Abbas, leader Ram (right) © VIA REUTERS

This infuriated the man who lived behind Netanyahu-first as Chief of Staff and then as the right-wing anchor of the Union-and served the longest in Israel to bring his corruption trials together. Will send the Prime Minister to the opposition bench. Momentum.

Bennett, the leader of the small Yamina party, will replace him as he steers a coalition of eight leaders, from left-wing to right-wing transnationalists. He replaced party leader Yar Rapid and took the top position for two years.

Maintaining that would further evolve Bennett, said Johanna Presner, chairman of the Israeli Democracy Institute, who has been with him since his time at the Israeli Defense Forces elite unit Sayeret Matkal. I know.

Then Sayeret Matkal was usually recruited from the Ashkenazi Jews of Israel, the descendants of the secular Europeans who founded the nation. However, Bennett is from another group that identifies it as a state religion camp that fuses Orthodox Judaism with state construction. This camp, which generally believes in the expansion of settlements on the west bank of the occupied Jordan River, , Has been attracting attention in Israel since the late 1990s.

“Bennet was one of the first to show the ambition of a member of the country’s religious sector to join one of the country’s major elite institutions,” Presner said.

The fact that he will be the first prime minister in this field is a continuation of the same idea. Responsibility. “

Born to Jewish-American parents in Israel, his successful post-military business culminated in the withdrawal of millions of dollars from tech companies. The key military record of his personality revolves around demanding that the Israeli government release its troops to take stricter measures against Palestinian militants like Hamas.

However, his time in the army was overshadowed by the 1996 Qana massacre. During Operation Grapes of Wrath, he led a unit deep in Lebanon, calling for artillery near the UN shelter after being attacked by Hezbollah. At least 100 civilians have died.

Decades later, he was forced to deny the comments leaked in the cabinet. “I killed many Arabs, but that doesn’t matter.”

His short term as leader of the West Bank settlers’ governing group is equally a concern for the international community, which has to deal with the Israeli Prime Minister, who has already announced the refusal of the Palestinian state. ..

A European diplomat who met Bennett about the Palestinian-built and EU-backed West Bank demolition said, “The settlement project has had a lot of hard work, and it’s time to pick it up and soothe the base. Can be done. ” village. “Good TV. Send soldiers to destroy tents and homes and change channels.”

However, Oded Revivi, the mayor of the Efrat settlement and the group’s foreign envoy, remembers that Bennett’s mission was calm and ineffective.

In an interview, he said, “I can’t say that one concrete goal was achieved during this period, and Bennett, who leads the coalition, which includes the left and Arab parties, will lead to a” stagnation. ” Revivi predicted.

“They will not be able to promote a two-state solution or withdraw from any settlement,” he said.

Analysts and Bennett’s friends said the compromises imposed by the nature of the coalition would also curb Bennett’s urge to hardliners.

After two years of political paralysis, the budget was passed and agreed to stimulating spending while maintaining public debt-which surged to more than 70% of GDP during the coronavirus crisis-of business. They say it is expected to be the first order. The coalition has already informally agreed to focus on economic and pandemic recovery.

“Simply pass the budget, fully nominate competent civil servants, reactivate government structures, and pass legislation will automatically bring a new start and mood,” Presner said. Said.

“He does not need to resolve a 100-year dispute with Palestine to be recognized as a competent and successful prime minister.”

Naftali Bennett will be rewarded for a calculated rise to the pinnacle of Israeli politics

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