Naneghat Trek

Naneghat Trek

                                      Naneghat Trek

The state of Maharashtra is a coastal state situated on the western coast of India. This place is full of culture and tradition. The most striking feature of this place is that its very culture and traditions are not hampered by the influence of the outside forces. So, a visit to Maharashtra will definitely be full of memorable experiences. The capital city of Maharashtra, Mumbai is one of the most famous cities in India. Popularly known as the city of seven islands and the financial capital of India, this city has a lot in store for tourists. The historical background of the city is too rich too and the structures associated with the same are present in abundance here. One such structure of historical importance is the Naneghat Fort.

Naneghat Fort is a hill fort situated in the Thane, district of Maharashtra. It is famous as a popular trekking destination too. A visit to this place with present a myriad of fun experiences for a traveler.

More about Naneghat Fort

Naneghat Fort is situated at an elevation of 2600 feet above the ground level. It was built before the beginning of the Christian era. The trek here is famous for the ancient pass than the fort itself. The pinnacle of the fort is shaped like a thumb and is known as ‘Nancha Angtha’. Maharashtra is flanked by the Western Ghats and thus the presence of passes is no wonder. Passes were created in order to connect the land on both sides of a mountain for trade, commerce etc. Thus, a visit to Naneghat Fort will give a traveler the unique opportunity to explore one of the many ancient passes. In addition to this like every hill fort, Naneghat Fort too houses several water reservoirs. Most of the fort is in ruins but one can still witness ancient inscriptions on the walls of the fort. These inscriptions are written in the praise of the rulers who has constructed the fort.

What to do when in here

Naneghat Trek is famous trekking destination amongst trekkers. When on a trek to this place, it is advisable to carry water. One can buy snacks from the base village. There exists man-made caves on top of the hill which has the capacity to accommodate around 40-45 people. One has to cross a signboard declaring the whereabouts of the caves which will lead to a road with rocky patches. After this one will encounter two streams of which the second one being voluminous. After walking for some time one will encounter a series of rock cut stairs. Arrow marks are painted throughout the trail. So, a trek up the Naneghat Fort is hassle-free.

Naneghat Trek can be visited by lovers of history. One gets a chance to explore the ancient fort situated here.  The crumbled fortification gives unique characteristic edge to the fort. When in here one transcends to the old times and wonders about the whereabouts of this place. Hill forts used to be built for political and strategic reasons. In addition this there also exists a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh. This temple is situated on the other side of the pass. The famous ancient pass has huge rock walls on either side. The trek route up the hill is pretty much straight forward.

In addition to there exists a huge rock cut pot which as used for collecting coins from traders is still in existence here.

The view from atop is spectacular. Photography fanatics will dearly appreciate the scenic beauty of this place.

A Tourist’s Guide

Naneghat Fort is open throughout the year. Entry is not ticketed here. If one is planning a trek to this place then it should be planned during winters. Monsoons must be avoided as the trek path becomes slippery. One can take a bus from Kalyan State Terminal to reach this place. Kalyan is well connected to Mumbai via National Highway System. The nearest railway station from here is situated between Mumbai and Kasara rail line. One can find a range of hotels in the city of Mumbai.

Naneghat Trek is one place where a traveler will get ample opportunities to explore. This place is well suited for history lovers, adventure seekers, trekkers and photography fanatics. So, if you fall under any of these categories then you must visit this place.

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