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28-year-old Takato redeemed his disappointed bronze medal performance in Rio de Janeiro five years ago and raised his hair to the Tokyo final.

Tokyo (AP) — Naohisa Takato defeated Taiwan’s Yang Yung-wei in the men’s 60km judo final on Saturday night to win Japan’s first gold medal at the Home Olympics.

Kosovo’s Distria Krasniki defeated Japan’s Funa Tonaki in less than an hour in the women’s 48-kilogram final. Takato then prevented the team from causing double tragedy on the first day of the beloved homemade martial arts competition.

Takato won the last three games with a golden score of sudden death, but he went to the final a little rebelliously after Yang committed too many fouls.

The charismatic Takato’s success, and Tonaki’s tragic last-minute defeat, remained very vague about these Olympics and was coveted by the countries that were discouraged by the scandals and coronavirus retreat surrounding them. It can give a shock of excitement.

28-year-old Takato redeemed a disappointing bronze medal performance in Rio de Janeiro five years ago and performed a hairy race to the Tokyo final at the venerable Nippon Budokan Arena, where Judo participated in the Olympic Games in 1964.

Takato won two of the last three games in overtime against his opponent and scored a seven-minute golden score in a great semifinal before finishing Eldos Smetov in Kazakhstan.

Takato is a three-time world champion and was anxious to win a gold medal on the first day and get in shape for Japan’s home Olympics. Takato and Tonaki are under special scrutiny in Tokyo, and some Japanese media have suggested that the performance of the entire Olympic team could fluctuate depending on the outcome of judo on the first day.

4 feet 10 Tonaki suffered a painful shortage of money after a series of exciting victories against a larger enemy. Krasniqi won the throw with 20 seconds left, waza-ari and Kosovo’s second Olympic medal. This is the result that made her tears immediately.

Takato attributed his struggle in Rio to the fact that he was unable to cope with the great pressure of the Olympics as the team’s first fighter because he was in the lightest class of the Olympics. Takato was nervous because he said he couldn’t even remember the details of his trip to Brazil.

Takato and Tonaki faced additional pressure to compete at the Budokan, a beloved martial arts shrine in Japan. There were no fans in the arena, but its pious importance to martial arts contributed to the Japanese team’s overall determination to expand its impressive judo outcomes.

Japan won 39 gold medals and 84 total medals in judo before these games. Both are the top in the history of Olympic judo and in the history of Japan’s Olympics in all sports.

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Naohisa Takato wins Japan’s 1st Tokyo gold with judo Source link Naohisa Takato wins Japan’s 1st Tokyo gold with judo

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