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Naomi Osaka launches skin care line Kinlò

Four-time Grand Slam tennis champion and activist Naomi Osaka launched a new skin care line specially formulated for people with melanin-coated skin on Tuesday.

Naomi Osaka releases skin care line “Kinro”. –

Assortment of dubbed “Kinro” Active Launched earlier this year, recovery skin care products include clean formulations designed to protect and rejuvenate melaninized skin tones. Kin and Lo mean “gold” in Japanese and Haitian Creole, respectively, and the brand pays homage to Naomi’s two cultural heritage through its name.

The line will be launched and expanded in four products, including Active Golden Rays Sunscreen, Hydrating Eye Cream, Hydrating Golden Mist, and Hydrating Lip Balm, which are mineral-based and designed to eliminate white cast. ..

“Through my personal experience and learning, the community of black, brown, and other melaninized skin tones is often in the discussion and research surrounding Suncare, including being excluded from clinical research on skin cancer. I found out that I could think about it later, “said Osaka. .. “In addition, there is a shortage of sunscreen products made with melanin-coated skin in mind. All of this has led to the creation of the mission-first brand Kinlò.”

Tennis players work with GoDaddy to create custom websites and online stores, partnering with Los Angeles-based holding company A-Frame for talent-driven sustainability built for the underserved community. We have developed a possible personal care brand.

Osaka will lead Kinlò as CEO and Dr. Naana Boakye will be the director of dermatology, ensuring that formulations are the highest efficiency and standard and education is a priority. Vanessa Motley Coleman has been appointed Vice President to oversee business operations and realize that vision with A-Frame’s global team.

“Bringing Kinlò to life was my personal and professional goal. I’m excited that my first entrepreneurial effort will be meaningful to my community. A- I couldn’t thank the Frame and GoDaddy teams, “added Osaka.

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Naomi Osaka launches skin care line Kinlò

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