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Naomi Watts about the joy of post-covid beauty

Actress Naomi Watts has been wearing several hats since the pandemic epidemic.She is the founder of Onda beautyAn indie retailer with branches in Tribeca, NY and Sag Harbor, she has also shot including several films to be released this year: the thrillers “Lakewood” and “Infinite Storm,” the story of survival.

Two mothers in Manhattan, 52-year-old Watts, have, like everyone else, have overcome the ups and downs of this strange era. See how cosmetological rituals and regimens that keep her at the center, and how simple things like Manipedi are resilient.

Discovery of skin care

I always had sensitive skin. Working on the set, multiple applications of makeup, and under the hot lights, I’ve become really, really responsive to everything. Friends Larissa Thompson and Sarah Briden Brown, who were lifestyle and fashion editors in various publications, joined together to form Onda Beauty. Larissa was telling me about the products and brands she was interested in, and I tried things from her makeup bag. They immediately smelled and felt right. My skin said “yes”.

As Onda kicked off, I got more involved. At first I was an ambassador and influencer, but later I became interested in the business side. The pandemic was very tough for small businesses. The Notting Hill store has closed. It was opened just before the pandemic occurred. Could not handle the third shutdown. The TriBeCa store has been closed for 6 months. But with all that in mind, we managed to come up.

I try things a lot, so my morning routine is moving around a lot. It’s one of the benefits of work. Unless you exercise, you don’t cleanse much in the morning.Then i use African botany Shower cleanser, or sometimes I only use water.Now i’m so excited Furutuna Skin care products.I also like it very much Answer by Symbiome.. It feels good with serum.

I also always mix things.I love hyaluronic acid from Dr. Barbara Sturm.. I’m not the one who wants to wear a lot of things at once, but I’m investing in my skin in my life. Previously, the trend for shoes and jeans was everything. It’s in my twenties.

Time for yourself

As a mom, I love the moment when the kids are spending time on rituals for me at the end of the day in bed. A bath is better than a shower. I really love the feeling of being in hot water.I love Really Bath salts.

Next, make sure your skin is properly cleansed. In some cases, do double cleansing. Maybe I wear a face mask.I love Ocean White algae mask. That’s a good price. Then mix the oil or serum with the moisturizer.I love Beauty counter Vitamin C Serum — It’s a really powerful product.

Quick make

When it comes to preparation, I’ve always been a 5 minute girl. When I know I don’t have a camera, I don’t do much hair or make-up. When I meet a friend, I get spruce, but I don’t go much. I always love lipsticks, and Beautycounter stuff isn’t very dry. But masks and lipsticks are nightmares! Usually that’s when I do lip balm. But when I go out, I take it with me, wear it at a restaurant, wipe it off, and put on a mask.

I love eyebrows. Are you using a Beauty counter pencil? RMS.. If you need coverage, I like Beauty counter. They have this dew skin in a silver tube. Every time I make a movie, I introduce it to my makeup artist. If you need a little make-up but don’t want it to be easy to read, it’s perfect for film.

Hair problems

My hair is a nightmare. I always had fine hair, but I was told I had a lot. That’s not the case now. At a certain age, hormones not only overuse hot tools, but also play a role. And there are colors. I definitely color my hair. I’m naturally blonde, but very, very shy. I definitely need to be a little brighter. However, there is no way to avoid the damage.

I go to Mark Debolt For my color. Ryan, my life and business partner, used my hair for movies and red carpets. They had just opened the salon before Covid attacked. I recently went there for the first time in a year. It was really nice. I couldn’t believe it when I left the salon.

I use Rahua Leave-in conditioner and control cream. I also take supplements.I am using the one from Neutrafor And Mind body green..

Aroma oil

I used to have a fragrance shelf in the bathroom, but I don’t like it anymore.I have this nice little pocket sized scented oil Ayu, This Australian brand. I love roses and odes.

What Manipedi can do

Recently, I went to do manicure and pedicure for the first time in a long time. All of them now feel like such a treat. The ingrown toenail makes you feel like a beast coming out of the forest! I will do a facial for the first time in Onda. We offer treatments at the store.

Pasta fan

I grew up in the 70’s and my mother used to make her own bread and her own dresses. I’m crazy about food and believe that I won’t deny myself as long as it’s modest. I want crispy salads, fruits and vegetables. I think it’s mainly my comfort food because that was how I grew up. I also love a lot of white food. When I’m traveling, I never deny myself great pasta.


Fitness is a big part of my life. It feels good. I am a physical person. I like to move my body. It’s easy to get bored so it bounces. Due to the pandemic, we exercised, exercised, and photographed ourselves online with our friends. It’s hard to maintain.

I exercise three times a week. I like strength training a little.I have a Zoom class Keith Anthony.. It’s all on the mat and has some weights and some rushes and squats. I do yoga

I also do Class by TarynToomey.. I like her approach to movement because she has not only body but also mind and spirit. I get a lot from her energy and her ability to rock. She harnesses our spirit.

Naomi Watts about the joy of post-covid beauty

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