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File – File on Friday, October 30, 2009 In the photo, the Septam route map is shown outside the Patison subway station near the Wakovia spectrum in Philadelphia and at the Wakovia center on the right. The story of passengers seeing a man rape a woman on a train outside Philadelphia last week was false, and the prosecutor who handled the case said as him on Thursday, October 21, 2021. I asked the witnesses to come forward. (AP photo / matt slow cam, file)

Pennsylvania Media (AP) — Passengers saw a man rape a woman on a train outside Philadelphia last week was false, and the prosecutor who handled the case said Thursday that he was a witness. When I asked you to come forward.

At a press conference, Delaware District Attorney Jack Stall Schtimer did not attend the entire 40-minute exchange on October 13, and understood what they were seeing. He said it may not be.

“People get on and off at every stop,” said Stollsteimer. “It doesn’t mean when they get on and see people interacting who know that rape is happening.”

Stollsteimer’s recount of surveillance videos and petition to witnesses of the attack after authorities said several passengers witnessed the assault as police claimed that 35-year-old Fiston Ngoy had raped a woman. It looked like I had a cell phone in the direction. Train seat.

Police and Southeastern Pennsylvania Transport Authority officials initially expressed disappointment that passengers did not call 911 or report an attack, even though they did not understand the seriousness of what was happening. bottom.

Upper Darby police police officer Timothy Bernhard told reporters over the weekend that there were passengers who “should have done something” in his opinion.

Nonetheless, Stollsteimer said Thursday that “the story of a group of people recklessly filming and not acting is simply not true.” He added that witnesses to the attack could share information without fear of being prosecuted.

He said Wednesday that Pennsylvania law did not allow anyone to be prosecuted simply because he witnessed a crime.

Surveillance video shows two passengers holding a phone towards the assault, Stolllsteimer said. He said one of those people provided a video to the authorities as part of the investigation.

The Associated Press’s request for surveillance video from an attack on the Market-Frankford line was denied by Septam, citing an ongoing criminal investigation.

In Ngoy’s affidavit of arrest, police said he boarded the train shortly after the woman, immediately sat next to her, and repeatedly tried to touch and fumble with her for the next nearly 40 minutes. According to investigators, the surveillance video also shows a woman pushing Ngoy several times.

Goy, who had previously met a woman in police and told her that a sexual encounter had been agreed upon, was charged with rape and several related crimes and was released on bail of $ 180,000. The woman, who was taken to the hospital, said she had never met Goi and did not give her permission to touch her.

A public lawyer assigned to represent Ngoy declined to comment, saying it was very early in the case. The hearing is scheduled for Monday.

Thomas J, Chief of the SEPTA Police Department. The best estimate for Nestel III was that there were about 10 passengers in the immediate vicinity of Ngoy and the woman during the rape. The rape began around 9:52 pm and ended when SEPTA police separated Ngoy from the woman around 10 pm. , Official spokesman Andrew Bush said Wednesday.

Septam’s off-duty employee was one in ten. According to Bush, the employee warned Septam police because he believed there was something wrong with the interaction. He praised the employee’s actions and said Goi could have been unable to escape the arrest after getting off the train.

Three minutes after the employee reported the assault, a Septam employee stationed at the terminal on 69th Avenue stopped in response to the train.

A press conference on Thursday also announced the arrest of another sexual assault at the terminal on 69th Avenue. Bernhard said the woman had missed a stop and asked the suspect how to go to the platform and go in the opposite direction. When he showed her, Bernhard said he groped for the woman and pushed her into a remote location.

Platform passengers intervened after hearing her cry for help. SEPTA police eventually stopped the attack and detained the man.

Narrative of riders filming Philadelphia train rape is false, prosecutor says Source link Narrative of riders filming Philadelphia train rape is false, prosecutor says

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