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Cape Canaveral, Florida –NASA has returned to the scorching Venus, its closest but perhaps most overlooked neighbor, after decades of exploring the rest of the world.

Bill Nelson, the new administrator of the space agency, announced two new robot missions to the hottest planets of the solar system in his first major speech to employees on Wednesday.

“Both of these two sister missions aim to understand how Venus has become a hellish world where it can melt lead on the surface,” Nelson said.

One mission, named DaVinci Plus, attempts to analyze the thick, cloudy atmosphere of Venus to determine if this hellish planet once had a sea and could have been habitable. A small ship enters the atmosphere and measures gas.

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This is the first US-led mission to the Venusian atmosphere since 1978.

Another mission, called Veritas, explores the history of geology by mapping the surfaces of rocky planets.

“It’s amazing that we know very little about Venus,” said NASA scientist Tom Wagner. “It’s like rediscovering the Earth.”

NASA’s Chief Scientist, Thomas Zulbuchen, called it the “New Decade of Venus.” Each mission launched between 2028 and 2030 will be $ 500 million for development under NASA’s Discovery Program. Receive.
This mission defeated two other plans, Jupiter’s moon Io and Neptune’s ice satellite Triton.

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The United States and the former Soviet Union sent several spacecraft to Venus early in space exploration. NASA’s Mariner 2 made its first flyby in 1962, and Soviet Venera 7 made its first landing in 1970.

In 1989, NASA used the Space Shuttle to send the Magellan spacecraft into orbit around Venus.

The European Space Agency launched a spacecraft around Venus in 2006.

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NASA Venus mission coming in 2028 to 2030: DaVinci Plus, Veritas Source link NASA Venus mission coming in 2028 to 2030: DaVinci Plus, Veritas

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