NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover beambacks the first sound ever recorded on another planet

NASA Perseverance RoverThe first ever landing on Mars, landing on Mars in less than a week Audio recording From the surface of the red planet.

NASA released an audio clip on Monday. Video footage Rover landing The most sophisticated image ever taken last Thursday and on Mars.

In addition to the 25 onboard cameras, the Rover Two microphones.. One didn’t work during the descent of the rover, but the other captured the sound of the Martian wind blowing through and the roar of the rover itself.

Audio snippets show the first sound ever recorded on another planet.

“If you’re wondering how to land on Mars, or why it’s so difficult, and how cool it is, you don’t have to look any further,” said Steve Yurchik, NASA’s deputy administrator. Stated.

In the first recording, the sound from the rover itself is more noticeable. Second, NASA filtered the audio to make the sound from Mars clearer.

“Imagine sitting on the surface of Mars listening to the surrounding sounds,” said Dave Gruel, chief engineer for Rover’s camera and microphone subsystems. News briefing.. “Cool. Really neat. If you do, it’s overwhelming.”

Gruel said he was particularly excited about recording so that even visually impaired people can feel the excitement of reaching Mars as well as those who can see images and videos.

Members of the mission team said they wanted to hear more from Mars on Mondays, including wind, storms, rockfalls, and the sounds of Persevierance wheels and drills when digging the surface of Mars.

How well voice can signal scientists Perseverance Is working and may be able to identify rover issues. However, due to the harsh conditions on Mars, scientists warn that Mike may not last for the duration of his mission.

The recording is “closest to landing on Mars without a pressure suit,” said Thomas Zulbuchen, deputy director of NASA’s Department of Science Missions.

Scientists have heard of Mars before. Mike has moved to the Red Planet twice. The Martian polar lander broke down and the Phoenix lander’s microphone did not turn on.

In 2018, NASA’s Insight Mars lander landed unexpectedly I picked up a similar sound Using its air pressure sensor and seismograph for the vibration of the wind on Mars. However, Perseverance captured the real thing from the surface of Mars, especially using “commercial” microphones dedicated to audio pickups.

Patience will soon begin to work in search of signs of ancient life Jezero Crater..And 10 years from now, it’s the first Send sample Return to Earth from the Red Planet.

NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover beambacks the first sound ever recorded on another planet

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