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Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) – March rains flooded homes and dried up central Tennessee, but some families have been unpowered for more than a week.

Harding Place Condo was one of many stormy communities. The night it hit, water began to flood the house.

“It happened out of nowhere,” recalled Sasha Hudgens. “It sounded like other rain or storm. I knocked on the door around 12:30 and said someone was moving the car to the gas station.”

Hudgens lives in a complex with her nine-year-old daughter, and many nonprofits have gone out to help after the storm, she says.

But while she needs a donation, she says she needs the power in her house the most.

“They gave us 5 minutes to go to pack our belongings before turning off our lights. They told us that we couldn’t stay here, I said there would be a bus at the hotel that would take us, “Hudgens explained.

The Hudgens are one of more than 40 families living in this complex and have not been in power for the past week. The storm broke out on Sunday, March 28, but only on Wednesday, March 31, residents were contacted due to electrical problems, the building could not live safely, and the NES was powered. I cut it.

Hudgens lives in Vistane, Hermitage, along with several other residents.

“It’s like a horrifying five minutes and I scrambled my place trying to figure out what I could do. In your mind you said,” I can come back tomorrow and get more clothes. ” I didn’t think about it. ‘” Said Hudgens.

Councilor Courtney Johnston has been in the condo almost every day since the storm struck. The problem, she says, is that many of the units are connected by the same wire, and if water reaches the outlets of some units, simply plugging them in can be dangerous.

“It was so cold that night that when people started talking about connecting space heaters, my stomach just got knots and I thought this would be dangerous,” said Metro Nashville District 26. Johnston said.

Johnston explains that individual owners now need to contact an electrician to make sure each unit is safe before turning it back on.

However, it can be difficult because multiple units are owned by different people.

“You pull and allow, get the job done, we get re-examined, power cycle, but convey that message to so many different people, and we don’t live real estate owners Has a state, “explained Johnston.

Johnston says he understands and feels the inhabitants of the community. She says there is currently an ordinance to reimburse the owner for the cost of drawing a permit.

Since the power was turned off, the inhabitants have been coming and going to remove the damaged things from the house. There is a pile of garbage outside, but there is light in this dark situation.

Since last Wednesday, nonprofits have been in contact with residents on a daily basis to provide food and water so that all families can live somewhere.

List of nonprofits that helped recover:

  • Otter Creek Church of Christ
  • Nashville Red Cross
  • From mother to mother
  • Nashville Noticius
  • Cleeve Hall Bagel Company
  • Yogi pizzeria
  • Una Esperanza Viva West
  • Cleeve Hall Women’s League
  • Goodness project
  • Nashville Predez
  • Harpes Hills Christian Church

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