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Nashville, TN (WKRN) – Evicted without sufficient notice, that some home advocates have said is happening to Nashville renters.

The music city construction boom is causing more and more pain in parts of the city where families are being told to move out for new developments to move in.

For the Trentino family, the last few days have been restless.

“She said she couldn’t sleep at night, and she’s really worried,” said Camilla Trentino, who is translating for her mother. The family was told that they needed to find a place to live by the end of August.

The Trentinos have called the WC mobile home community home for the past four years, but their dream of raising a family there suddenly stopped. Now Camilla has said their mobile homes are to be demolished. The family said they don’t know where to stay when the deadline comes.

And they are not the only ones. Forty-eight families live in mobile home communities, and all were told that it would take weeks to pack and move their luggage.

“About three weeks ago, they received a notice from the owner that they had to leave by August 31,” said Cecilia Prado, who has the dignity of the workers.

Prado has defended residents of Dickerson Pike’s WC mobile home community after learning that the property has been sold to developers and the homes there will be demolished. That’s what she said she’s happening more often-family members have to pick up and move to make room for new infrastructure.

“Nashville is rapidly gentrifying. People have lived in Nashville for generations. People building skyscrapers, and all new developments, these are their cities The same people who have been kicked out of. What’s happening at Dickerson is exactly the same, “Prado said.

From Dickerson Pike to the Mosaic Apartment, Prado said the lessor was being kicked out without proper notice.

“It will take a lot of us. We had to reject many calls from Goodletsville and elsewhere just because we didn’t have enough space, but we know it will come. “Prado explained.

News 2 asked the owner of the WC Mobile Home Community Property for comment, but has not received any comment yet.

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