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Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) — COVID vaccination rates in Tennessee are well below the national average. Many people are talking about distrust of the vaccine.

Dr. James Hilldress, President of Meharry Medical CollegeFamous for its groundbreaking work on AIDS and HIV, speaks honestly about his frustration at this point in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When I hear some of what I’m hearing, I want to know what people are saying, so very much to someone who hasn’t spent a small portion of the time spent studying the immune system and viruses. I’m angry with you. Imagine that they don’t have the business they’re talking about. “

He still does not believe that the hope he had for herd immunity is no longer alive.

“When we made the vaccine and it proved to be safe and effective, we really thought we would have a completely different conversation with three instead of one.”

Instead, he feels his efforts to educate are deaf.

“I try to understand my role as a scientist who has been studying viruses for over 40 years and to help people understand why we are being asked to do what we are asked to do. This is based on solid findings based on decades of research. “

Dr. Hildress continues. “No one just woke up one day and told me to wear a mask. We know they work. We know the vaccine works. I We know exactly how they work. “

Some question his guarantee that the vaccine is safe and effective.

“That’s one of my disappointments, and yes, they happened right away, but couldn’t fully show people what happened in the strictest way.”

Dr. Hildress admits he didn’t anticipate the pushback he experienced.

“Every day we take science for granted. We take tablets prescribed for us. These are poisons tuned to do good without harm. is.”

“We’re flying. We believe these aluminum tubes, seven miles away in the air, won’t fall out of the air. It’s science that made it possible.”

“Every time I go to a grocery store to buy food … Science has made it possible to make food safe.”

He asks, “Why is science unacceptable and unreliable in this case?”

Maybe that’s because it’s almost impossible to cut all the noise, says Dr. Hildress.

“If people are so many outlets, social media and talking heads, it’s hard to get people’s attention,” he says. Maybe there is better gratitude and motivation than saying “OK, I can do this”. But it’s hard to tell in a short interview. “

So News 2 gives him time to explain further.

“Vaccines were made in record time, due to all discoveries made back in 1961, when MRNA was discovered.”

“Technology has made this possible, but it has also enabled decades of research by scientists who didn’t know that discovery would one day help save the world.”

“At this point, no one is a guinea pig. Talk about some data – more than 150 million Americans have now shot their arms. That’s why you wanted the data. There it is. “

His hope here is for people to look for answers from accurate sources and have public conversations.

“If all of us decide to do our best to fight this virus, not each other.”

Less than half of Tennessees are fully vaccinated with COVID-19. News 2 will take you into the debate with a special report “Moving the Needle” all day long today in all newscasts. Keep up with ongoing coverage on

Nashville doctor urges unvaccinated to ‘trust science’ Source link Nashville doctor urges unvaccinated to ‘trust science’

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