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Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) — About 30 years after Nashville’s mother left the fast-food restaurant and disappeared, her family is still waiting for an answer.

On August 19, 1992, police officers in Metro Nashville said Pamela Mitchell went to Crystal in West Trinity Lane and Dickerson Pike in Nashville to get something to eat. At the age of 35, she came across her acquaintance, got into a car with him, and left the restaurant. This was the last time everyone saw her.

“At this point, I think we have to assume that it involves fraudulent play,” said Detective Matthew Filter of the Metro Nashville Police Department. “She has been missing for such a long time and has no contact with her family.”

According to Filter, Mitchell lived along Dickerson Road and was hanging out in the area where she disappeared. He believed that there were people in the area who knew what had happened to her.

“Even if they don’t have a direct knowledge of what’s happening to her, only a small amount of information about her habits and her life in general can help us or guide us in the right direction. Maybe, “said the filter.

Mitchell’s sister-in-law, Karen Gifford, said Mitchell was involved in drugs, prostitution, and the wrong crowd. However, the two mothers had an extroverted personality and loved her family.

“I’m still hoping for an answer,” Gifford said. “Hopefully it will be my life. Her parents have died now, and they didn’t know what happened to her.”

According to Gifford, the family searched for the last area seen shortly after Mitchell’s disappearance, but came out empty-handed. She also believes that someone in the area knows what happened to Mitchell and hopes that now, thirty years later, they feel more comfortable talking to the police.

“If people are willing to come out and talk, I think it’s very helpful,” Gifford said. “You may think it’s small or nothing, but it may be a word or key to find her.”

“You want to close all the cases you have,” Filter said. “But we have to work with the general public. We have to get the help of the general public to resolve these cases.”

“That would mean the world to me,” Gifford said. “It will make me peaceful, and I will know she will be peaceful now.”

For information on Mitchell’s disappearance, call the Metropolis Cold Case Unit (615-862-7329) or Nashville Crime Stopper (615-74-CRIME).

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