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Nashville, TN (WSMV) – Nashville’s new start-up aims to become the next big name in rideshare. The big difference is that they are all about clean energy and only drive Tesla.

“We want to think of black car services without the price of black cars,” said Raven Hernandez, founder and CEO of EarthRides.

Hernandez is no stranger to Nashville. In fact, she was successful even before she started a tech company. Growing up with a single mother in Antioch, Hernandez says she attended a Christian school in the White House for most of her childhood.

“I was really always determined to change the story in my family and change the trajectory of my family,” Hernandez said. After graduating from high school at the age of 17, she went to Lipscomb University for a bachelor’s degree and then moved to Malibu, California for Pepperdine Law School. However, she soon decided she didn’t want to put the law into practice. “I realized that it didn’t really apply to my health goals or my health plan.”

Instead, she and her husband found a new path. She said, “It’s like we can be really proud and do something that can change others, change the lives of others, and make them better. , The way Earth Rides was born. “

Together they set up a company, bought a fleet of Tesla cars and began planning for the future.

One of the key elements of the company for Hernandez is that it started in Nashville.

“I chose my hometown of Nashville,” I wanted to show that if I could do this in the South, I could do it anywhere in the United States. Los Angeles and Atlanta are Tesla’s number one markets. “

After beta testing in August and September, ride sharing officially launched on October 1, 2020. Instead of hiring a contract employee, we make our employees like a livery service so that drivers receive hourly wages, commissions and tips.

Hernandez said fair living wages are important to the company. She wants to make sure it is maintained and focused as they continue to grow. “We know that we are growing up in a single-parent family and struggling, so we really want to pour it back into these people and their lives.”

She also wants the frontline community to have a chance to get a clean energy option.

“The reason we kept the price down is that we need to make clean technology accessible to everyone. Therefore, the front-line community can return to Antioch to own those areas and black car services. We have very competitive pricing for places that aren’t. People all over Nashville, whatever your location, whatever your income. “

As she plans for the future, Hernandez is looking at ways to make the company work in all of Nashville’s electric vehicles when its infrastructure doesn’t yet exist. She explained: “Where do I go if I own 187 cars? And more importantly, where do they charge? So there are some things we are planning and builders The next phase isn’t just Earth Rides, so there’s rendering. “

Before she gets there, she’s trying to improve the quality of life of the people in Music City.

“We have such an obligation not only to ourselves, but also to our cousins. You know that one of my cousins ​​has asthma. What the inhaler is going to do I’m not going to clean the air. I have to do it, someone has to do it, we have to do it. The air quality can be changed “She continued. “My goal has always been healthy for me. What I want Earth Rides to do is cool my health again.”

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