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Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) — Musicians were the most pandemic-damaged artists, with some musicians moving elsewhere to improve stability, but artists like Lucas John made the long-awaited comeback. I am planning.

Like the Prodigal Son, there was always hope that this day would come. John was absent for over a year, but he always wanted to return to the Nashville stage.

On this day, we found him as we hurried down the memorable path. John arranged to play a few songs at his regular Cerveza Jacks.

“Same, but not. I go through the door and feel like a house,” John said.

Looking back on 2020, John remembers how his life came to a disastrous stop at the beginning of the pandemic. The record deal he worked hard on was now wind dust after the record company filed for bankruptcy. The gig dried up and the apartment he was planning to move to was now out of reach.

John instead moved with his Virginia family and eventually got a job at a distillery as a handyman. It was just the third job of his life other than music.

“I’m their flex person, so I’ll do everything a bit. I distill whiskey, work in bars, shovel grains, and paint buildings,” John said.

He currently does “normal” work at “normal” hours, but still plays gigs at night and on weekends. John said he made six times more than playing gigs on Broadway. That said, there is something to play where he knows the dream has begun.

“You know you’ll have a long time launching it, working towards your dreams, and getting it, you know more about what you can do. It’s not too far away,” John said. ..

John wants to use his newly discovered skills to land another job in Nashville and play part-time for now. He is now paying from his pocket until he can save enough money for new places and studio time.

For someone like himself, who is well known on the Broadway circuit, landing gigs may be easy, but John says Bar is looking for people he knows they can trust. Some have left for other occasions and have not returned.

“That is, the shortage of musicians means that when someone needs a sub, no one is there,” John said.

John always has a running list of at least 12-13 drummers, bassists and guitar players. When someone called out, the next person was awake.

That’s not the case, but it’s still Music City, and that’s what John expects. More people will follow his steps and return to where music is more than work. It’s a way of life.

What is a rebound?

Central Tennessee is working to recover from the effects of the coronavirus and we would like to help. Whether you’re returning to work, achieving your goals at this uncertain time, or managing pressure, we’re working to find a solution. In addition, I would like to tell you a story about hope, inspiration, and creativity when central Tennessee began to rebound.

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Nashville’s Rebound has musicians eager to return to Music City Source link Nashville’s Rebound has musicians eager to return to Music City

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