Natalie left the “challenge” for pregnancy and later miscarried

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Challenge: Double Agent host TJ Rabin Shocked the cast when he announced it Natalie Anderson “No longer cleared” to compete during the episode on Wednesday, January 13th, and she was sent home.

“I have a personal problem that requires me to leave the game. I have to deal with something, and all I want to do is compete, so I have to resign. It’s a shame, “Natalie, 34, said in an interview with her at the time. “Leaving is hurting my heart.”

Following the episode, Natalie is exclusive We weekly, Revealed that she had finished the MTV series after learning that she was pregnant.

The· Survivor Winner dating a boyfriend Devin Perez For over a year, she explained that everything started when she called her twin sister, Nadia Anderson, Via FaceTime during shooting.

“I was joking because she was about to get pregnant with her second child. I said,” Oh my god, my period was delayed. Maybe we’ll get pregnant, And when I come back we will have a baby together! “I was completely joking, but that triggered me to get a pregnancy test,” she said. He thought it was “unavoidable” to do, and said that he could only think of competition.

“For me, the money was basically in my pocket and the check was already written,” Natalie said. “This money was mine and no one came to get my skull. I was literally waiting for the finals to get there, so I crossed the money with everyone else. I was able to earn. “

After that, the test was positive — it didn’t sink immediately.

“When I’m attending these shows, I’m this other person. For example, anything that prevents me from trying to get what I want or get what I want. There’s nothing. So it was like this strange wave of happiness, shock, surprise and disappointment. I didn’t even handle what I actually felt, “said a New Jersey native. “I’m like,” How am I pregnant? I want to win this money! “I love my boyfriend, but he’s not here. It was the most annoying way to find out that you are pregnant. It might have been a great feeling, but I was so confused and torn to have to leave the game that I didn’t have the opportunity to feel that way, but I was also very excited and happy. did. “

In fact, Natalie said she wasn’t bothered by the fact that she was pregnant until she returned from Iceland.

“I was saddened by this feeling of leaving what I had trained hard, and I didn’t even think about pregnancy until I got home,” she shared. “When I got home, I was completely healthy. When I got home, I changed my mind because there are these two states. One is a very masculine state, and its energy is It’s like going, going, going. It’s a very stiff look. Then I have a very feminine side, which rarely appears or comes out, but in reality I and my It only appears in the intimacy of the boyfriend. And when I was with him, it was another headspace of pregnancy. In a way I finally didn’t feel while I was there, I was able to breathe and accept the pregnancy. I was now accepting it from another perspective. I realized that everything happened for a reason. I had to give up winning, Potentially $ 500,000. But on the contrary, I can accept this cool journey with someone I love and trust as a life partner. “

After going to the doctor for her ultrasound, the real star got confirmation that she was 8 weeks pregnant.

“It’s crazy. It was so cool that I was able to get pregnant and kick my ass while my body was doing other great things,” she explained. “I was so proud of my body that I was able to do everything it did under the stress of living in that crazy home. I had no symptoms. I once I didn’t even throw. I had a lot of fanatics in this crazy family working on these challenges, but my body never failed me. “

While at home, she returned to her “normal diet and training routine.” She had worked with a pregnant client in the past and knew how to do safe training. “I was much less stressed at home and much less physically stressed than during the game,” he said. Amazing Grace Said the vet. “I’m not working on anyone with a tractor trailer!”

But a week later, she began to experience severe seizures.

“I had a miscarriage, but it was really difficult because it was peaceful to leave the game and say goodbye to my favorite challenge competition. Go home and give my thoughts on this new journey. I changed it .. And it was robbed of me. It was hard, “Natalie said. We, She added that she couldn’t tell any of her friends that she was at home Challenge.. “I used it not only to do everything I needed to alleviate what happened and accept all the difficulties, but also as a way to strengthen my bond with my boyfriend. I was so impressed that I definitely did. I think it was a success or a failure for us. I’m really proud of what I’m about to do. I was afraid to air the show because it reminds me of everything I’ve experienced. “

She continued. “I did everything I could to make my journey peaceful on my own. I’m really proud of where I am and where I am with.”

Natalie Anderson about Survivor Winners in War
Survivor Natalie Anderson: War Winner Timothy Kratec / CBS

Natalie was intimate with her castmate Annie Safereira And Teresa Jones While attending the show, she didn’t tell anyone when the test returned positive. That said, she told her roommate, “probably a combination of two and two,” because her boobs got bigger and her period was delayed. He added that the athlete did not drink at all during the show. “When I left, the cast probably thought I knew I was pregnant because I didn’t drink at all when I was there.”

Natalie quarantined a week before the shoot began and departed around the fourth week of the show. During that time, she went through many tests. She was accustomed to past reality shows, but had not had a pregnancy test.

“Such Survivor, They were very enthusiastic about pregnancy tests. I had three pregnancy tests during casting and one just before shooting. It was as if they legally peeed every woman in a cup just before we went to the beach. MTV never did that, “she said. “We did a lot of testing [before The Challenge].. We have been tested for everything. I’ve probably had 15 Covid tests before, but never a pregnancy test. “

Challenge: Double Agent It will air on MTV on Wednesday at 8 pm EST.

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Natalie left the “challenge” for pregnancy and later miscarried

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