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Natalie Wood’s story may have been imagined by a Hollywood screenwriter. At the age of five, she was stabbed into the director’s knees by an avid stage mom and blinked a moment of screen time. She died at the age of 43 after spending a drunken night on a yacht with her jealous husband Robert Wagner and potential Swain Christopher Walken. In the meantime, she navigated the difficult transition from child actor to adult stardom.

Now out in paperback, Gavin Lambert’s biography Natalie Wood: Life It remains decisive. Lambert traces the roots of her family in a stream of refugees from the Russian Bolsheviks that ended in California. Little Nata Shaglin’s emotionally chaotic mother probably recognized her daughter as an “instinctive performer” and began a crusade to turn her into a star known as Natalie Wood.

From 1944 to 1957, the tireless mother’s manager played the role of her girl in 21 movies, 12 TV shows, one short-lived TV series, and one radio show.As a child actor, Wood kept in mind only for his holiday favorites The miracle of 34th Avenue (1947). But as a teenager, she finally became herself in an unforgettable breakthrough movie. Rebellion for no reason (1955).From there, she won a big part in major Hollywood photography, including: Westside story (1961) and Wonderfulness in the grass (1961).

Wood got together pretty well, given the “official unrealistic world” of her obsessive mother and the studio in which she grew up. Curiously, one of the horrors she had throughout her life was the ocean. She drowned in a situation that matched the tabloid headlines. Lambert unravels rumors and finds no evidence of murder or cover-up.

Throughout lifeThe author sympathizes with Wood, looks critically at her film (there are few that deserve the Pantheon), and has a deep understanding of Hollywood’s work.

Natalie Wood: Life Published by the University of Kentucky Press.

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