National Archives are not allowed to restore Trump tweets on the platform | Twitter

National Archives of Japan Not allowed To revive Donald Trump’s tweets on social networks, Twitter said Wednesday, even in its official position as a records management organization. However, the archive is working to create another record of the former president’s tweets on his official library website.

Former president is permanently banned twitter Since January, the company has become the first major social media platform to kick Trump out after his actions during the Capitol riots.

The confirmation that Trump’s tweets, originally reported by Politico, cannot be revived for archival purposes underscores the ongoing debate about what Trump’s digital heritage should be. Weeks to months later, many advocates of freedom of speech have public records of what the president said, even if it was no longer allowed on platforms where the president was controversial and frequently posted hateful rhetoric. Insisted that it should be.

In the past, the government and the National Archives of Japan, an independent agency responsible for the preservation of historical records, have maintained live records of other important Twitter accounts by linking to the account itself from the president’s website. It was. In other words, users can interact with users, such as retweets and favorite posts.

For example, the National Archives manages a former First Lady Melania Trump Twitter account, @ floatus45, and a former Trump management account. @ whitehouse45..

This wouldn’t be the case for Trump, according to Politico reports, but the National Archives is storing tweets from @realDonaldTrump “as a standard for any administrative transition,” Twitter spokeswoman Trenton said. Mr Kennedy said.

“We’ve shut down @realDonaldTrump altogether, so no matter how you view your saved data, your account content won’t show up on Twitter like it used to, or like an archived admin account,” Kennedy said. I will. “The managed account archived in the service is an account that does not violate Twitter rules.”

The National Archives of Japan will continue to display Trump’s tweets, including those that Twitter has taken action against. Nara spokesman James Prichett said he was looking for the best way to do so. Instead of linking to your live account, you may be able to save your tweets in screenshots.

“Twitter is solely responsible for determining the content available on the platform,” said Prichett. “Nara works closely with Twitter and other social media platforms to maintain archived social accounts from each presidential administration, but eventually platform owners refuse to host these accounts. Yes. Nara is committed to storing platform-independent copies of social media records and making their content publicly available. “

Facebook and YouTube also banned Trump after the Capitol attack. YouTube said that Will be resurrected After “the risk of violence has passed,” Trump and Facebook’s third-party review board are discussing when and when the former president can return.

National Archives are not allowed to restore Trump tweets on the platform | Twitter

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