National Guard provides help with Covid vaccine in overwhelmed states

Landover, Maryland — When tens of thousands of National Guard colleagues landed in the national capital to ensure a peaceful transfer of presidential power, Emmanuel Alfaro, ten miles away, was at the top of his guard career. He was doing what he considered: to administer the Covid-19 vaccine to his fellow citizens.

“It’s a highlight to be able to come out and help the general public,” said Alfaro, a senior airman and medic of the 175th Aviation National Guard, who is performing regular missions at the Maryland Healthcare Center. That’s it. “

The governor is increasingly relying on the National Guard to accelerate the process as pandemics intensify nationwide and vaccine programs to control them are struggling. At least 16 states and territories use security guards to make injections and utilize doctors, nurses, medics, and other people who are skilled in injections.

Many more states use thousands of security guards for logistical tasks such as assembling and moving vaccine kits, logging in to patients, and controlling the lines of state vaccination sites. In West Virginia, for example, about 100 guards support distribution throughout the state.

“We are a logistics business here,” said Major Hori Nelson, a spokeswoman for the security forces there. “That’s what the military is best at.”

The growing presence of the Guard clearly reminds us that the pandemic continues to make noise in all states, even if the country is released from the attack on the Capitol last week.

Since January last year, 1 in 14 people living in the United States has been infected with the coronavirus and 1 in 862 has died. States like California and Arizona are the most infected states in the country, fighting the fatigue of health care workers and the flooding of healthcare centers as a whole.

“The state is, of course, looking at alternative ways to get out of the limited supply of vaccines,” said Claire Hannan, Secretary-General of the Association of Immunization Administrators. “More and more states are using the National Guard and thinking bigger.”

In Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan initially planned to disseminate the vaccine primarily through private health care providers and drugstore chains, and later established a state-owned clinic. Realizing last week that the private sector wasn’t able to launch the business as quickly as expected, Hogan turned to 140 Maryland National Guard to support pop-up sites in the three counties. Support county and state health authorities.

The state is struggling to get about 30 million doses of the vaccine that the Trump administration releases to Americans. Demand for vaccines is significantly higher than supply, but the federal government and state have adjusted guidelines on who can be vaccinated first, as some Americans eligible for early dosing have refused the vaccine. did.

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Answers to vaccine questions

The exact order of vaccinated people may vary from state to state, but in most cases healthcare professionals and caregiver residents are the top priority. This article is useful if you want to understand how this decision is made.

Life will return to normal only if society as a whole has adequate protection against the coronavirus. Once the country has approved the vaccine, only a few percent of the population will be vaccinated in the first few months. The majority of unvaccinated people remain vulnerable to infection. More and more coronavirus vaccines show strong protection against getting sick. However, the virus can spread without knowing that it is infected, as it has only mild or no symptoms. Scientists still don’t know if the vaccine will also block the infection with the coronavirus. Therefore, for the time being, even vaccinated people should wear masks and avoid indoor congestion. Once a sufficient number of people are vaccinated, it becomes very difficult to find people who are susceptible to the coronavirus. Depending on how quickly we, as a society, reach that goal, life may begin to approach normal by the fall of 2021.

Yes, but not forever. Two vaccines that may be approved this month clearly protect people from illness caused by Covid-19. However, the clinical trials that produced these results were not designed to determine whether vaccinated people could spread the coronavirus without developing symptoms. It remains a possibility. We know that people who are naturally infected with the coronavirus can spread the coronavirus in the absence of coughing and other symptoms. As the vaccine is deployed, researchers will enthusiastically study this question. In the meantime, even vaccinated people need to think of themselves as possible spreaders.

Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines, like other common vaccines, are offered as shots in the arm. The injection is no different from what you got before. Tens of thousands of people have already been vaccinated and no one has reported serious health problems. However, some of them experience short-term discomfort, such as pain and flu-like symptoms that usually last for a day. After the second shot, you may need to plan for a break from work or school. These experiences are not fun, but they are good signs. These are the result of your own immune system encountering the vaccine and initiating a powerful response that provides long-term immunity.

No. Moderna and Pfizer vaccines use genetic molecules to stimulate the immune system. The molecule, known as mRNA, is eventually destroyed by the body. The mRNA is packaged in an oily foam that can fuse with the cell and slide the molecule into it. Cells use mRNA to make proteins from coronaviruses that can stimulate the immune system. At any given time, each of our cells can contain the hundreds of thousands of mRNA molecules they produce to make their own proteins. When these proteins are made, our cells shred mRNA with a special enzyme. The mRNA molecules that our cells make can survive for only a few minutes. Vaccine mRNA is designed to withstand the cells’ enzymes a little longer, allowing the cells to make extra viral proteins and stimulate a stronger immune response. However, mRNA can last for at most a few days before it is destroyed.

The registration website has crashed. Endless waits on the phone line are frustrating for people seeking appointments and brief information. Also, some folk medical centers are unable to obtain dosages for the right people through bureaucracy, sometimes wasting opened vaccines and providing vaccines to people far below the priority list. I am. In Florida, seniors were camping in grass chairs outside the center, waiting for a shot.

State health officials rely on a crowd of skilled staff who can set up tents in 15 minutes for security guards and quickly scale up and turn when registration and other procedures are delayed. I’m happy to be able to do it.

“It was easy for us,” said CJ Kara Margin, a spokesman for Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona, who deployed guards shortly after receiving the vaccine in December. “This crisis has seen the greatest mobilization of the Arizona Guard since World War II.”

Security guards were asked to assist with personal protective equipment and testing, “they hit it from the park,” Karamagin said.

Currently, the federal government repays the state only 75% of the National Guard’s costs associated with coronavirus bailouts, many of which suffer significant reductions in tax revenues.

At some point, the Trump administration has given Florida and Texas full reimbursement, and officials from both parties say they intend to put pressure on the Biden administration to make the whole thing in this regard. ..

“It’s clear that North Carolina wants 100% redemption,” said Sadie Weiner, a spokeswoman for Governor Roy Cooper. On Monday, the first team of 75 guards in the state in the two cities began to “pierce, thrust and pull,” said guard spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Matt Devivo. They expect a significant increase in the number of sites in the coming weeks.

Some healthcare professionals were skeptical about whether security guards could catch up when vaccine allocations increased.

“All hands-on decks are important,” said Dr. Georges C. Benjamin, Secretary-General of the American Society of Public Health. “But I think the guard’s abilities have to be realistic. We need to be aware that we don’t expect them to bring more medical assets than they can at the table. Employees work in hospitals and pharmacies that have already been described in detail to serve Covid. “

Security guards say they have the ability to manage their needs.

The Pentagon frequently brags about its role in Operation Warp Speed, a federal vaccine effort, but Pentagon officials said active troops would not fire.

In addition, many officials bear in mind the history of the United States conducting unethical medical experiments on black Americans and general distrust of the government. Fire on uniformed guards may require additional guarantees, officials said.

“I think that’s what we really need to pay attention to,” said Hannan of the Vaccination Management Association. “I don’t know if we understand all the questions around it, but trust and confidence in the vaccine is what July and August were when the military was strongly concerned about providing the vaccine. It’s in a different place. “

Approximately 12 this week, uniformed guards waved among state and local health authorities around the Sports Center in Landover, Maryland to give shots to residents (mainly emergency health care workers). I arrived at the white tent.

Taylor Brown, an employee of the Emergency Management Agency in Prince George’s County, Maryland, reviewed it with approval. The county is one of the hardest hit countries in the state.

“Thank you for being here,” she said. “It’s really more fun.”

National Guard provides help with Covid vaccine in overwhelmed states

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