National NAACP office threatens ATL pres Richard Rose w/suspension; calls comments, “Unacceptable” – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2021-10-26 01:23:30 –

Kasim Reed spoke from the Campaign Office in Midtown, Atlanta, at a press conference on Tuesday, September 21, 2021. (Photo: Itoro N. Umontuen / The Atlanta Voice)

On Monday morning, the NAACP national office wrote a cease and desist letter to Atlanta branch president Richard Rhodes on his comments on October 20 regarding Kasim Reed’s candidacy for the Mayor of Atlanta. ..

In Rose’s statement, Kasim made a false statement about affordable housing, saying that the Historically Black College did not fully support for a fair land transaction and did not remove the South Army monument. -Included a “rare denial” of the lead campaign.

Rose wrote his letter to the Atlanta NAACP Letterhead. “As a nonpartisan institution, the NAACP usually refrains from supporting political parties or speaking about specific candidates. Today I am breaking that implicit protocol. Doing less. That would be an abdication of my mission to help Atlanta move forward, not back. “

“Atlanta can and must do better than re-election Kasim Reed. There are 13 other candidates running, including leadership and politics. Some candidates have proven experience and no record of administrative corruption. “

NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson called Rose’s actions “unacceptable.”

The letter cites the Articles of Incorporation prohibiting public officials from approving candidates for public office.

“Article II, Section 2 (d) of the NAACP Unit Bylaws states:[a]All political actions are nonpartisan and must not support candidates for public office. In addition, Article VIII, Section 5 (p) of the NAACP Unit Bylaws states that the Political Action Committee is “nonpartisan and must not support candidates for public office.”

Reed partially responded to the NAACP letter:

We thank the NAACP for their prompt response to Mr. Rose’s political statement. As a lifetime member of the NAACP, I am committed to the mission and work of the organization that paves the way. The allegations contained in Mr. Rose’s letter were false and had no merit. Our campaign is being attacked for the help of Atlanta police women and men when crime and violence are ruining our city. We are honored to receive the support of the International Police Brotherhood (IBPO) Local 623 and secure Atlanta in a way that is consistent with our values ​​as the birthplace of the civil rights movement. I am working hard on that.

— Former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

Reed was on the podium to address the letter, his support, and Richard Rhodes.

“Alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, we get the support of Ambassador Andrew Young, who was against the NAACP during all the important days of his life,” Reed said. “After the approval of Maynard Jackson’s third grade, his father was the only person who was there three times in opposition to the approval.

I disagree with the support of Dr. King’s right-hand man, Kwami Abernathy, whose father, Ralph Abernathy, with the support of the local NAACP. I put the support of the fire union. And what’s amazing is that you are offering that hit piece. And I know it was a hit piece. This is all the achievements in the world. “

Reed advertised the fact that he was approved by the International Firefighters Association Local 134, the United States State, County, City Staff Federation (AFSCME) Georgia Local 1644, the Georgia Civil Service Federation (FPSE), and the United Nations. Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 8 Southeast, and the Georgia Black Women Bar Association.

Early voting is underway, with seven days left until the election day, and Reed called for an attack on him by his enemies, the current Atlanta City Council Chairman, Felicia Moore, and Atlanta City Councilor And Lady Kens.

“And let’s be clear, Andre Dickens gave up,” Reed said. “Therefore, everything he does for the next eight days is not for Andre Dickens. He has no chance of winning this election. He’s done. Everything he does is on November 3rd. It’s because of Felicia Moore, who he plans to support. They’re all going to hold the exact same press conference as when they tried to defeat Mayor Bottoms. Amnesia is more common than you might think. “

National NAACP office threatens ATL pres Richard Rose w/suspension; calls comments, “Unacceptable” Source link National NAACP office threatens ATL pres Richard Rose w/suspension; calls comments, “Unacceptable”

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